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Season Information

By: Ink on Dec. 14, 2018
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What is a season?
Seasons are a collection of events bundled together to offer a larger competition. Over the duration of the season individual events are strung together to develop narratives and heighten tensions.

What is the structure of a season?
Seasons will be presented with a fixed amount of cups extending through a specified duration of time. This is normally three major cups and three minor cups.

Teams will compete in these cups to earn points. Later cups award more points than earlier points. The top 7 teams in points and the winner of the final major cup will earn a spot in the season climax, the Champions Cup. The overall points winner will also win a special award.

The Champions Cup houses the best of the season in an intense event of competition. The team who has the skill and tenacity to emerge victorious is crowned the Grand Champion.

What do seasons offer?
On top of rewards, the team is promoted for the duration of the next season on the specific game page. And if willing, the team can engage in content creation efforts with CGO (interviews, live streams) to promote themselves.

Season Prizes

Seasons will contain additional prizes from publishers. For instance, the Champions Cup will feature a larger prize pool in most games than normal. Specific prizes can be found on cup pages. Minor and Major events will contain regular publisher sponsored prizes. Grand Champions are the season winners or those who win the Champions Cup.

On the specific game page the season winning team will be displayed for the duration of the next season. Their roster, and in the future, stats and details of the team will be displayed. This is a solid means of promotion for a team. Further, the Grand Champion will be invited to create exclusive content.

The team who amounts the most points in a season will receive their own special prizes, along with some minor promotion on game pages.

Black Squad Prizes

Minor Champions

Major Champions

Grand Champions

Season Points Winner

Season Structure

Jan-Mar: Winter Season
Apr-Jun: Spring Season
Jul-Sep: Summer Season
Oct-Dec: Fall Season

Points Breakdown