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General Rules

By: Ink on Dec. 09, 2018
Last edit: Jul. 05, 2019 at 05:59 AM

1.0 - Conduct Policy

The CGO platform expects a friendly and cooperative environment from its users. The platform exists to bring communities together while offering a fun atmosphere. Please do not disrespect these ideals as you use the platform.

1.1 - Behaviour
It is mandatory that every user conducts their interactions with respect. Intolerable behaviour is not appropriate and is defined but not limited to violence, calls for violence, racism, doxxing, or other radical conduct.

2.0 - Matches

Competing on the platform requires a general understanding of how the platform works and what is expected from competitors at each stage of a competition. Please ensure you understand the presented information.

2.1 - Prematch Checklist
It is imperative you follow through this short checklist to be ready for your match.
  • Know when your match starts
  • Know who your opponents are
  • Contact your opponents
  • Ensure your matchmedia is ready
  • Understand any specific event rules
  • If any of these are unknown, contact an admin
2.2 - Match Times & Schedules
There are no match times listed on multi-day events, nor are there official match start times automatically generated. Instead, round 1 start times will be the event start time. All other rounds or matches will begin at the pace of the event or at the discretion of an admin. In extraordinary circumstances, providing admin approval, matches may be rescheduled.

2.3 - Setting up a match
Where server or room locations are not automatically generated it is up to the team on the left side of the match page to create the server. The left side team must initiate contact with the opponents. If no contact can be made, please contact an admin.

2.4 - Map Selection
Where the automatic map vote system is not in use, teams will need to manually pick/ban maps. The universal CGO system for map picks is as follows:
  • Higher seeded team bans 1 map
  • Lower seeded team bans 1 map
  • Higher seeded team picks 1 map
  • Lower seeded team picks 1 map
  • For Bo3, teams alternate map bans until a deciding map remains
  • For Bo5, teams alternate bans until 3 maps are left, then alternate picks until a deciding map is left
  • Lower seeded team receives first side pick, higher seeded team receives second side pick. This system alternates for Bo5+ formats. Deciding map sides are chosen by knife.
2.5 - Roster Policy
Teams are required to have the maximum number of players permitted to start or resume a match. All players on the tournament roster are allowed to be subbed in or out at any point during a match. Players may continue the match if a player disconnects.

Season points will transfer with the majority of a team's roster (ie, 3 players). Season points are not tied to a team account but to the players that make up the team. A minimum of two seasonal events is required for point transfers.

2.6 - Dead Rounds
Participants may call two deadrounds per map. The map must resume within seven minutes of calling a deadround. Deadrounds may only be called within the first ten seconds of a round and when no damage has been dealt.

2.7 - Delays
Every participant should be granted a courteous amount of time to get their starting players, to resume from a deadround, or to initiate contact. If the delays are too long then please contact an admin for unnecessary delays. In general, matches should start within 10 minutes of either team initiating contact.

2.8 - Restrictions & Items
Please consult the specific illegal items lists for the particular game you are competing in. A universal rule is that there is a one scope limit per team. This can be overruled by the game specific rules section.

A 140 ping limit is in effect universally. This may be overruled by game-specific rules.

2.9 - Reporting Match
Only one team needs to report the scores after a match ends. The overall map scores for each team should be used. Leave the scores blank for any map that was not played. Please select the specific map that was played.

On CGO, statistics are collected from every match played. The integrity of these stats is very important. Incorrect match reports should be avoided. Intentional false match reporting will not be tolerated.

2.10 - Prize Claims
The team leader must submit a prize claim form to CGO in order to be eligible for prizes. A valid prize claim form must be filled out. Inaccuracies in prize reports are not tolerated. You can access the form here.

3.0 - Matchmedia

Each match on the CGO platform is subjected to various matchmedia that is required from every player. Penalties and forfeits exist for invalid, missing, or corrupted files.

3.1 - MOSS
MOSS can be downloaded from MOSS is required for every match you participate in. A valid MOSS file of each match must be uploaded within 15 minutes of a match end. MOSS uploads are currently linked to via the CGO Discord channel #moss. Ensure your MOSS takes screenshots and produces a valid MOSS log before competing.

3.2 - Recording
At the discretion of an admin specific players will be instructed to record their game play. The file must be uploaded within twenty-five minutes of a match end. In general, the video must be clear enough to resolve the crosshair without distortion. The minimum recording settings are:
  • 1280x720 resolution
  • 30 fps
  • 2 Mb/s bitrate
  • Audio must contain the desktop audio output
  • *The minimum bitrate may be higher than stated at higher resolutions
3.3 - Identity Verification
In extreme circumstances where less than doubtful evidence is present a player, at the direct instruction of Ink, will be requested to conduct an identity verification to continue participating on the platform. Specific events with real world prizes may also require every player to be identity verified. The process is roughly as follows:
  • A government issued ID must be provided
  • A bill or other government issued ID with a matching name must be provided with a home address
  • A live video interview to confirm the IDs provided
  • For those under the age of 16, parental consent is required
  • Please remember to only provide such information to Ink. No other CGO affiliate will be involved.
If a player is found to be cheating their personal information will be forwarded to the specific game publisher and to any relevant government agencies. Any fraud will result in all player information being forwarded to the relevant government agencies.

Secure measures will be taken to safeguard your personal information. Full explanations of such measures will be discussed through the verification process. Your information will never be used outside the scope as described above.

4.0 - Penalties for Specific Actions

4.1 - Cheating
Cheating is defined as any advantage gained over others beyond the intended scope of the specific game. Any evidence of cheating will be be punished by a two year ban from the CGO platform. Exact ban durations are at the discretion of admins.

4.2 - Ban Evasions
Evading a ban or punishment by any means will result in a five year ban from the CGO platform. This will refresh with persistent violations.

4.3 - Insults and Intolerable Content
Warnings may be initially issued for intolerable content. A panel of admins will decide on specific punishments ranging from platform bans to match forfeits.

4.4 - Deception/Other
The listed categories are what the vast majority of violations will fall under. Do not expect leniency when intentional violations have been made. Deception will not be tolerated.

5.0 - Protests

Protests may be made by the acting team leader only. They must be made within ten minutes of a match end. Protests should be made immediately for any in-game or ongoing violations. End of match violations can be made anytime once the match ends.

Please note the CGO platform wants games to be finished and played out. All efforts will be made so that the matches are played out. A heavy influence of admin discretion may be used in ensuring this philosophy.

6.0 - Black Squad

6.1 - General Policies
  • Female characters are permitted
  • 1 scope per team; no other item restrictions
  • 2:10 round timers should be used
  • First to 8 Wins/Sideswap enabled
  • Friendly Fire on

6.2 - 2on2 Specific Rules
  • 2on2 map versions must be used

6.3 - 3on3 Specific Rules
  • Regular demo map versions must be used

6.4 - 1on1 Specific Rules
  • 2on2 map versions must be used
  • You may not plant the bomb
  • Scopes are not permitted