CGO is not operational and no events are running. The website remains for historical reasons. Some links may not work.

Competitive Gaming Organization

By: Ink on Dec. 09, 2018
Last edit: Dec. 09, 2018 at 10:20 AM


The Competitive Gaming Organization (CGO) was founded in late 2010 with the aspirations to offer high quality competition. A deep focus on the player grew CGO to 80 team events within its first six months. The CGO platform propelled these young communities to full fledged eSports with not just events but with various multimedia content. Over the many hundreds of international events CGO has hosted a strong pride has developed for the communities participating with CGO.

CGO found its roots in the decade old Alliance of Valiant Arms franchise. Hundreds of events hosted, thousands of broadcast hours, and many champions later CGO took on the upcoming FPS Black Squad. Where CGO goes next depends only on where competition exists.

Formally, CGO is an event hosting organization with branches in broadcasting and content creation. This ecosystem reinforces itself as the communities supported grow larger. Important narratives from the players are presented to spectators who later become fans. Fans support their favourite narratives and allow players to compete evermore. As more teams compete the CGO platform expands and a natural eSport ecosystem prevails.