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New Site Launched

By: Ink on Dec. 12, 2018
Last edit: Dec. 14, 2018 at 11:07 AM
It is a pleasure to announce that the Competitive Gaming Organization's (CGO) new site is officially live. Built from scratch, the platform aims to deliver new heights of competition along with a more engaging experience for all players. For the first time, CGO competitions will be hosted under a single source of operations.

Players can look forward to more streamlined competitions for their respective games, more games and events supported, along with a range of features to build the path to becoming a CGO champion. There has never been a better time to form a team and see how your skill measures against the competition.

Black Squad and Alliance of Valiant Arms: Dog Tag will be the first games supported on the platform. Each game has a prior history with CGO and it is only fitting they find themselves supported once again. Black Squad will receive a full schedule of events, broadcasts, and content for North America and Europe beginning in January 2019. A.V.A: DT will begin once the game is accessible long-term.

Participate early in our sneak peek cups for Black Squad starting Dec. 29th for EU and Dec. 30th for NA!

What's New
Here is a quick breakdown of what the new site offers:
  • CGO is now an automatized online event hosting platform
  • Deeply integrated and synchronized user, team, event, stats, and seasons systems
  • Champions and other cup winners will be promoted on the platform for all their glory
  • A season system exists to build narratives and keep individual cups fresh over many months
  • Community content creation features (articles, videos, & more)
  • Flexibility to expand into many more games and regions while offering unlimited quantities of events
  • Even more awaits, especially for the future with upcoming projects like social features and Special Project N
It is an exciting time to be a CGO competitor. CGO is also open to feedback and is ready to receive your suggestions or bugs on our Discord. You may also want to check out our FAQ found here.

In the past, CGO has offered one off monthly events with no connection between them. This approach to events became stale over time, yet regular competitions are still important. A solution was needed to keep competitions fresh all year long. Seasons formed the solution to help narratives grow, generate fans, and sustain an intense atmosphere of competition.

A season's duration is 2-3 months. While a season is active, a certain structure of events will be hosted. These events, labeled majors and minors, will provide points based on placings. The top teams and winner of the final major will receive invites to the Champions Cup. In one final blowout flurry of competition a Grand Champion will be crowned as victor of the season.

Such a structure lends itself well to the high quality CGO package of coverage and broadcasts. Not only will you be the Grand Champion within your community but your unrivaled skill will be promoted far and wide.

More information on seasons can be found in our Season 101 Guide.

Join the Competition Today
Quickly create an account, join a team, and register for an event. It is that easy. More of a fan? Tune into the CGO broadcasts which will cover every event. Unable to make it live? No worries, events and specific matches will be recapped via our articles in both text and video.

Let the competitions begin!