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Introducing the Grenade Database

By: Ink on Jan. 25, 2019
Last edit: Jan. 25, 2019 at 06:19 PM
CGO is proud to offer the best means to elevate your play and share the expertise you have amassed, the Grenade Database. The Grenade Database is the first step in CGO's new platform to focus on community oriented initiatives. A strong community yields a healthier competitive atmosphere and there is no better method than to deliver the opportunity of resources to the scene.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the Grenade Database, and future initiatives, will serve to make you a better competitor. Find the most basic of grenades to cement your foundations. Gain the last advantage to win the match by securing knowledge of the best and obscure grenades.

The Grenade Database allows one to sort through many different filters to find exactly what you need. Begin your search by selecting a map and optionally choosing a map and if needed, a side. Refine your search by parsing through videos from the last week, month, or all time. Capitalize on community voting to select the best grenades or the most popular.

That's right! Anyone who is logged in may vote on grenade entries. Voting allows the database to filter results which the community thinks are best. Submit your own grenades and see how your knowledge stacks up against the scene. You may also find who in the community knows their nades and what they can offer you.

Stay tuned for more updates. Have suggestions for the new Grenade Database? Contact Ink#4666 via the CGO Discord.