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Black Squad Events Resume on CGO

By: Ink on Dec. 14, 2018
Last edit: Dec. 14, 2018 at 04:32 PM
Black Squad has been and continues to be a vital title on the CGO platform. After a brief hiatus in hosting events (to launch the new site) players can now look forward to events in both North America and Europe. Each region will have an opening cup in late December. Following this action will be the start of the Winter 2019 season for each region.

Beginning Jan. 5th for Europe and January 13th for North America, teams will find themselves competing in the new season structure. You can read more about what a season entails on our Seasons 101 guide. If you're new to the CGO site, then please look over the FAQ page to familiarize yourself. If you still need assistance, then hop on to Discord and contact an admin!

None of this is possible without the sponsorship from Black Squad publisher Neobricks and developer NS Studio. The relationship between CGO, Neobricks, and NS Studio continues strong and anticipates exciting developments in the future.

Seasons in Black Squad

Teams will be competing for individual cup wins while also earning points. The top teams will be invited to the Champions Cup at the end of the season. There, a Grand Champion will be crowned for the Winter 2019 season. With two season events each month, there is no time to waste in registering a team and proving your skill in Black Squad.

Winter 2019 Prizes

Minor Champions

Major Champions

Grand Champions

More details on seasons can be found here. Find your region and sign up today!

Opening Cups for EU and NA

Compete in the opening cups for each region and be the first to receive the new CGO namecard!

Black Squad Europe Opening Cup

Black Squad North America Opening Cup

We wish all competitors the best experience on the new CGO platform. Test your skill and become a CGO champion!