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Input Drops in Black Squad

By: Ink on Dec. 10, 2018
Last edit: Dec. 10, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Input drops have been observed in the upcoming shooter Black Squad by Neowiz. Input drops occur from instances of your keyboard or mouse not registering in-game and odd behaviour transpiring. Input drops seem to occur in Black Squad for users with any of the following criteria; resolutions at or above 1080p, low sensitivities (under 13 inches per 360 degrees), or DPIs above 800 (very observable at 1800+). These criteria do compound to make the issue worse. The issue is prominent with sniper rifles while scoped in at any zoom level but also occurs with the scopes of rifles. In extreme cases (3200 DPI, 2k resolution, 1 sensitivity) hipfire will also experience lost input.

To understand the phenomen it is encouraged to watch the video at the 15s mark. In short, as the mentioned criteria come into play, a minimum amount of speed is required for your mouse's input to be detected by Black Squad. If you are below this potential your mouse will not move. If your speed is inconsistent or around this potential you will experience a skipping sensation. However, above the cutoff the mouse input is smooth and lag free. For a full understanding please watch the video!

Although Unreal Engine 3 & 4 have been plagued with input issues they seem to be resolved. Additionally, Alliance of Valiant Arms experienced input drops in similar circumstances whilst using Unreal Engine 2. Black Squad utilizes Unreal Engine 3 and so it follows that input issues are not surprising to find. Possible causes range from rogue mouse smoothing, rounding errors on spatial calculations, forced mouse acceleration breaking down at low velocities, to oversights with the forced zoom ratio sensitivities present. 

According to the Steam Hardware Survey 48% of Windows based gamers use a resolution of 1920x1080. Nearly 60% of the sample use a resolution at or above 1080p. As well, mainstream gaming brand mice sold in 2017 have a stock DPI between 1800-5200 with available options up to 16,000 DPI. A significant portion of Black Squad's potential player base is poised to encounter this tracking issue.

At this time no other explanation has been found for the phenomen. Feel free to join the discussion on the implications of this issue through our forums or join the discussion in the official Discord.

This article will be updated if a comment is made by Neowiz on the issue.