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AWC Season 1 Review

By: Ink on Dec. 10, 2018
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Season of Frenzied Competition

The A.V.A World Championship premiered in April and persisted for seven long months. Over twenty competitive-focused teams registered for the event but only nine managed to claim any A-Points. A $100 000 prize pool was waiting for these teams in Japan. The top two teams from the Aeria Games region would get the chance to represent Europe at the AWC main event in December of 2015.

With no surprise the scene saw incredible performances from both Andromeda and Celsiathroughout the entire season. Dark horse Global had a slow start but was able to tie with Andromeda on cup wins and points in the second half of the year. Celsia, the most consistent team of all, was able to take first after the final A-Point cup in November.

Celsia had claimed the first of two qualification spots from Europe. It would be up to the final AP7 cup to determine if Andromeda or Global would be tagging along with Celsia to Japan. With Global taking first, after a close Grand Final series with Andromeda, the A-Points were tied for second. A tiebreaker was created and after a fantastic 3-2 series, Global emerged with the victory, and the final qualification spot for the AWC Japan 2015 main event.

Many exciting plays and storylines developed throughout the season. Take a look back into the last seven months of the great AWC season. From highlight videos, to interviews, to stunning Grand Final performances, it was a truly unique season!

A-Point 1

Many teams were eager to start off the season strong. For this first cup, the points were much lower than what could be gained later on in the season. Still, the teams provided their performances and the first A-Point cup was underway!

Eventually, it came down to Celsia and Andromeda in the Grand Finals; a story we'll come to enjoy. Celsia had been knocked to the losers bracket by Andromeda in the WB Finals. Andromeda kept up the pace and quickly 3-0'd Celsia in the Grand Finals to claim the first victory!

A-Point 2

Eager teams presented themselves once again in the second A-Point cup, with even more points on the line. Especially with a considerable five point advantage for first place. Exciting matches all around with a sneak trace of Global's future potential.

Again, Celsia and Andromeda found themselves in the Grand Finals. However, this time Celsia had knocked Andromeda down to the losers bracket and had a 1-0 map lead heading into the series. Unfortunately, Andromeda displayed their strength and easily disposed of Celsia with three straight map wins.

A-Point 3

Points continued getting larger and teams continued to improve. goMayhem was still keeping global out of a Top 4 placement and our favourite rivalry showed up once again!

With two cup wins already, Andromeda seemed to be the dominant team. Yet again, Celsia knocked Andromeda to the losers bracket in the WB Finals! Surely this time Celsia had what it took to claim first? With an excruciatingly close 3-2 series...Andromeda emerged with their third straight victory!

A-Point 4

A disparity was growing with the rest of the teams, who continued to place inconsistently from 5th-8th, compared to the consistent top 2 placings of Andromeda and Celsia. Time was running out for the majority of teams left in contention!

With the potential to claim a qualifying spot before the sixth APC, Andromeda was on their way to secure four cup wins in a row. However, the dark horse Global appeared and pushed Andromeda to the losers bracket. Breaking the cycle and Andromeda; as the swedish team performed at their weakest to place 6th after a loss to RokaHeat.

With Andromeda out of the way, and Global in a state of disbelief, Celsia clinched their first and only A-Point 3-0.

A-Point 5

Returning from the AIC break, three teams remained in contention. Most people thought it would be impossible for Andromeda or Celsia to not qualify. Global had plans to prove the community wrong.

Global first took on Andromeda and easily 2-0'd them back to the losers bracket. Andromeda scurried to the LB Finals to meet Global once again. However, a repeat 2-0 nailed Andromeda out, and secured a real possibility of Global qualifying for AWC.

Celsia, sitting in the Grand Finals after defeating Global, was looking great for their second win. However, Global pulled a familiar move on Celsia, and won the series with three straight map wins - to everyone's surprise!

A-Point 6

Global was in the hot seat, needing to win the next two cups to have any chance to qualify, lest Andromeda does not place in the top 3. A three-team race was formed and the hype generators were at full power!

Andromeda had yet to recover their form from the performances they displayed in the first three A-Point cups. Meeting up with Celsia was another 2-0 to the losers bracket. Andromeda showed spirit in the LB Finals against Global but just barely lost the series for third place.

Global placing top 2 and higher than Andromeda was what they needed to continue their contention, but a first place finish was still required. Celsia stood in their way, with both teams tied for one cup win. Another 3-2 series sent viewers into a frenzy, as Global stood above Celsia with two cup wins to their name.

A-Point 7

The final cup of the season, and still with three teams in contention for the two qualifying spots. An unexpected result but a path that looked tough for Global.

Global, needing to place first in order to qualify if Andromeda places outside of the Top 2 or to tie if they do, made it to the WB Finals. Celsia, who had just beat Andromeda 2-1, was gunning for a second cup win. However, Global looked for their third cup win and dispatched Celsia 2-0. Andromeda, after having put a formidable effort in the WB, came out prepared for Celsia in the losers bracket. Celsia let the third map slip by and granted the dream scenario for both Andromeda and Global in the Grand Finals!

If Global had lost the Grand Finals, they would not qualify for Japan. Global struck just one map loss and took the GF 3-1 to end the season in a tie for second and third. A Bo5 tiebreaker was arranged for the upcoming weekend! In one of the closest series of the year, a 3-2 scoreline developed once again. Back and fourth the teams went until the final map remained. Fox Hunting would determine who deserves to represent Europe in Japan, after a slew of 7-2 and 7-3 map scores. In a stunning performance Global sweeps Andromeda 7-0 to win the tiebreaker and officially place second in the AWC season!

Journey to Tokyo, Japan

Celsia and Global will be arriving in Japan to start competing on the 17th of December! With less than a month away, these two team will be busy practicing to best represent the European and UAVA community! Be sure to cheer them on from home.







215 Pts - ESL Profile







205 Pts - ESL Profile

*These are the rosters that will be sent to Japan. Some players were invalid travelers.

Stay tuned for our AWC Japan 2015 survival guide coming on December 1st. Follow along with the players and teams on social media and cheer for UAVA to perform well!