The Competitive Gaming Organization (CGO) is a video game based media production company founded in December 2010. CGO handles event management, broadcasts, and video-written content for various titles that show the spark of a competitive scene. Long-term projects like Alliance of Valiant Arms or Black Squad are supplemented by contractual projects with publishers and related parties.

CGO boasts over a thousand hours of airtime, over a hundred events managed, and deep ties to the communities supported. 


Justin 'Ink' Quinn, founder

Justin is the co-founder of CGO and current owner. Ink has developed both websites, is the primary caster and broadcaster with over 1000 hours of airtime, and has hosted over 100 events since the organization's inception.

Ink continues to develop the brand of CGO, design better features on the website, and push the entertainment value of CGO Media.

Early History

CGO has aimed to service competitive communities since December 2010. With Alliance of Valiant Arms fading out in the North American scene, founder Ink chose to support the remaining community with fair and impartial events. Despite lacking a real anti-cheat, a proper website, and communication software Ink found third party services to see his needs met. Although these compromises were a burden for both organizing the event and for the players to use, the passion of the community persisted. Within six events over 80 teams were competing in CGO branded tournaments. More impressive was Ink handling the event management and broadcasts on his own. 

By 2012 CGO had operated more than 80 events, with 200 hours of broadcast hours in the young live streaming market. With interest growing Ink made the decision to branch into other game modes like Annihilation and Escort, which saw limited success. During this time, the focus of producing a quality broadcast became apparent and more time was devoted to these needs. The first website was published and communication was consolidated through a singular chat system. 

Transition Period

ESL had taken a huge leap in supporting the European scene of A.V.A. This offered the opportunity for CGO to broadcast the amazing matches found on ESL while also churning out match analysis and other articles on the competitive scene. However, event management had ceased operating under CGO as demands were no longer attainable. This model persisted into late 2015 where CGO's Ink was invited to broadcast the AWC Japan 2015 event from Tokyo, Japan.

CGO also took its first steps into other games like Metro Conflict and Soldier Front 2. To build on this premise of supporting multiple communities a fresh website was developed by Ink. Additionally, the term 'CGO Media' was more heavily incorporated. CGO continues to retain its quality articles and broadcasts as it forrays into Black Squad.

Special thanks to Alex Kerr, co-founder of CGO, for his determination that led to the organization getting off the ground.