Update & CBT/OBT Stream Highlights

CGO will continue to produce Alliance of Valiant Arms content under En Masse's publishing of the EU and NA version. We are looking forward to ESL updating their event schedules in early September and resuming our regular broadcasts with them. ESL highlight videos shall continue along with related interviews and analysis. Articles on the site will be produced faster than ever with our newly streamlined website!

We apologize for the three month delay in fresh content but alas the AIC news and subsequent publisher transition forced our hand. However, we are excited for what the future will bring from the new publisher. We're in talks with other creators to produce more CGO content than ever before. If you have any feedback for the website head on over to our forums and let us know!

In the video above you can catch a summary of this information along with nearly six minutes of highlights from the past week of Ink's stream on twitch.tv/CGOMedia!

Stay tuned!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Monday August 29, 2016
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