Winter League Week 1 Review

The Heels of Competition

Week 1 of the ESL Winter League was an opportunity for teams to shine or to falter. Through Week 1 half of the teams will emerge with their first win, while the rest will look back in regret. A flood of 3-0 scorelines pitch for an exciting Week 2. Before we get to the coming week, let us embrace the witnessed storylines of Week 1.

Week 1 review show with Ink.
The Favourites Continue to Shine for Now

Global, Celsia, RokaHeat, and FirePizza were met with great expectations from the community in the winter league. Each of these teams 3-0'd their opponents in the first week. All of these matches were heavily one-sided victories with little analysis required.

Hollows looked to take on Global but was sadly out-marked in every facet of competition. A slaughter would be an understatement as Hollows barely managed to clinch just five rounds out of thirty. Celsia gave Day eSport the same treatment winning 30 rounds to Days' 11.

RokaHeat and FirePizza were the two favourite teams most likely to drop a map, or even a series. However, they had different plans in mind winning their game's with double the score of their opponents. Chimiya and ThugsInPJs tried their best, but were met with a 0-1 starting score to the Winter League.

Surprising Performances

eRaquR, a fresh team to AVA, was paired against WhoKers (formerly GoMayhem). Community vote had GoMayhem in a commanding confidence but a strict 3-0 from eRaquR shattered predictions. WhoKers was unable to win five rounds in any half against the German team.

The only NA team to be competing, Gorgeous, looked like a shoe-in for second in the group stage; considering their performance against RokaHeat earlier in the year. However, SyroN took Gorgeous on a roller-coaster of rounds to ultimately prevail 3-1. Gorgeous lost a considerable lead on India, failed to secure their own map, Cannon, and lost on Hammer Blow. They successfully pulled a map win on Black Scent, but it was far too late.

The most undecided match-up was definitely Venture and Twiix. The score went 3-2 to Twiix, but a close series undermines any takeaway from the conclusion of the match. The first game to go to all five maps displayed impressive performances from both teams. These teams will now need to compete even more against their opponents in the coming weeks to prove their merit.

To close it out Nefaste.EU derailed Vectikz 3-0 in an uneventful series.

Week 2 is Approaching

Week 2 is just about here, and the teams will need to get into gear once again. By Week 2 we could have at least four of our eight qualified playoff teams. The tension blows through the gates of Week 2 from February 14th to February 20th.

We hope you enjoyed our Winter League Week 1 Recap video, stay tuned for more content across our channels!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Sunday February 14, 2016
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