Too Many Events

Alliance of Valiant Arms has recently experienced a spark of activity among organizations offering events to the competitive community. Within a few months the AVA community not only had ESL, but UCG, OCG, and CGO hosting tournaments and other events. Many teams and players within the community were grateful, while others struggled managing schedules, by having almost every weekend full of AVA activity. Alliance of Valiant Arms has never had this many or frequency of events and the competitive community looks to be embracing all of the positives for now.

One of the many issues teams have been facing from all of these events is struggling to keep all weekends in a month open, while not ignoring life, or other responsibilities. On top of this, many events have been overlapping, and decisions among teams have been tough in choosing which events to favour. Every organization has overlapped at one point or another over the past two months, as can be seen with the upcoming UCG, ESL, and CGO tournaments in the next two weeks. This trend of conflicts will continue to burden the competitive community, and poses problems that must be solved.

Several solutions have risen from the community, and from CGO. For instance, the Event Calendar is kept updated with tournament dates, links to their informational topics, and starting times. It is also known that the event organizers are in daily communication, and have tried to assist each other in ensuring conflict free dates for their events. As well, Aeria has been supporting most organizations on their forums, and in-game. This type of support from Aeria allows teams and players to be reminded, and kept aware of all upcoming events.

Still, it will be up to the competitive community to decide on which events receive participation, and which ones are skipped for the next time. Competition of prize pools, stream production, and promotional activity has kept all organizations on their toes. AVA will benefit from the added level of production, and professionalism that spawns from such competition between said organizations. However, are there enough players and teams to sustain so many organizations and events, and what other unforeseen issues could arise from all of this activity.

Get to the forums, and discuss your thoughts and opinions on where AVA, and all of these organizations are heading for!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Saturday March 16, 2013
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