KAVA Clan Championship Updates

The Korean version of Alliance of Valiant Arms has received several recent updates to the matchmaking system titled Clan Championship. Under Pmang's publishing, there has been 3 updates to the CCS, through Dec. 12th 2013 to May 27th 2014. These updates brought new features, changes to the ratings, map selections, and bug fixes. All updates have been documented, and are displayed below in our analysis.

M67 Clan Logo

One of the earlier updates brought forth a new grenade that enables a clan to utilize an M67 to display their clan logo. Instead of the usual damaged explosion pattern, the clan's active logo is presented. There are no game effecting changes to the M67, only the above visual cosmetic change.

Rating Changes

On May 18th 2014 Pmang implemented a new change to the rating system of the CCS. The ranks based off of the RP rating system were adjusted to reflect data gained from several months of the CCS being active. Pmang stated "[Meanwhile, based on the data gained by analyzing the distribution of users, so that there is even distribution of scores by the official and interval changes]". This change seeks to distribute the number of players at each rank more equally from a skill-based perspective.

Map Selection Changes

The updated map selection process has been through two iterations. Currently, the maps are limited based on your rating. Pmang's update log establishes that this is to embrace newer players and to not overwhelm them with a large amount knowledge to perform well. As you progress higher in the ratings, you will need to be able to perform well on a larger variety of maps. Those at the lowest ratings will only need to know 4 maps, while those at the highest ratings, will need to know 10 maps.

Optional Relative Matchmaking

The May 18th update also brought an option to be paired by relative RP. This indicates that clans can opt to play against other clans of similar skill levels. This is a feature on top of the usual random pool pairing currently in use through most CCSs. Interpreting this test of a feature could potentially mean a complete integration of the feature to replace random pairing altogether. Such a change would make the CCS a true RP-matchmaking based system.

Soft Resets Over Hard Resets

Pmang stated they will now soft reset RP ratings after each season, instead of hard resetting all players to 1200 RP. Soft reseting methods have been undisclosed, but players can expect a relative loss in RP based on their RP rating. For those at 1900, expect to be deranked down to ~1700. Those at 1500 could expect a loss of 100 RP. While those below 1400 may lose anywhere from 25 to 70 RP. We will update this with more information when released.

Keep Updated on Future Patches With CGO

We will be providing further updates on all regions that A.V.A is published in, with any news related to competition! Please take note that all of our foreign news is from rough translations, and there may be slight mistranslations. As well, these changes are not guaranteed to be seen in Aeria's A.V.A, and may be entirely different than stated above. Please enjoy all potential future content for what it is!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Tuesday June 10, 2014
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