IeSF 2013 Survival Guide

IeSF 2013 Venue
The National Sports Complex "Polyvalent Hall", is the venue for IeSF 2013.

IeSF 2013 Summary

The International eSports Federation (IeSF) is a global organization focused on hosting international events for a select few online titles! For five years, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.) has been one of these titles, first as a promotional game, and now as an official title! Starting November 1st, IeSF will start in Bucharest, Romania with 9 national AVA teams being flown in to compete for the 2013 IeSF Championship Title! Among these are team's Korea, Japan, Finland, Sweden, and Canada!

This article aims to provide a summary of all information, from the schedule, to the stream, to a list of the teams, and of course, our exclusive interview with Team Canada's ProPro! We will also be updating this article with the results, and other new information that surfaces during the weekend! Check back frequently!

IeSF 2013 Schedule (AVA)

Nov. 1st - Friday
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EET (5:00 AM - 6:00 AM EDT) - Opening Ceremony
12:00 PM - 15:20 PM EET (6:00 AM - 9:20 AM EDT) - Asia Qualification League
15:20 PM - 19:40 PM EET (9:20 AM - 1:40 PM EDT) - Continental Match League

Nov. 2nd - Saturday
12:00 PM - 15:00 PM EET (6:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT) - Losers Finals Playoffs

Nov. 3rd - Sunday
10:00 AM - 13:00 PM EET (4:00 AM - 7:00 AM EDT) - Grand Finals
16:00 AM - 17:00 PM EET (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT) - Closing Ceremony
*Stream times have not been posted, but they will most likely follow the above times very closely. We will update this page when the stream times are published. Utilize this Time Converter to figure out your times!

IeSF 2013 - AVA National Teams

1. Linden "Sentry" Yang
2. Ao "Zinova" Shen
3. Josha "EP1C" Martel
4. William "ProPro" Gibb
5. Ryan "Myth" Larochelle

1. Mikael "ItaZI" Jansson
2. Mattias "zet0r" Larsson
3. Kim "Kimpah" Eriksson
4. Enver "ManKii" Musa
5. Said "lRl"Majrbekov

Korea - Astrick
1. Seung Joo "vdk" Kim
2. Jeong Jae "cP" Park
3. Seong Hun "BRoi" Lee
4. Jeong Dong "vkid" Lim
5. Chang Muk "y0si" Won

1. Yuske "Dark" Hara
2. Chikara "Shaka" Kawakami
3. Seisuke "SynTe4" Kaino
4. Tomohiro "Sai" Iwata
5. Yusuke "RobiN" Ochiai

China - 7ir1n
1. Qun "WoLf-" Zhao
2. Ke "Aga1n-" Sun
3. Yinfei "Dafei-" Li
4. Zhichen "BOSs-" Wu
5. Xiaochun "WengE-" Yan

Juha "llFakell" Väyrynen
Visa "ViTsi" Westerholm
Heikki "tapi" Juntunen
Santeri "Vaimo" Ojala
Teemu "Lettu" Laakso

1. Vasile "TheNub" Leonard
2. Vlaiconi "ZoOmL3" Tudor
3. Ciprian "otei4" Iacob
4. Petcu "Adrian" Florin
5. Ghindea "Me1998" Gabriel

1. Poovadon "MAXY" Suthi
2. Veerawich "V" Sermsin
3. Yuttanagorn "Zeus" Kaewk
4. Dechatorn "MinORu" Leks
5. Permpool "DEMO" Bangjan

IeSF 2013 Venue
The above teams will compete in the Polyvalent Hall as shown above.

IeSF 2013 Ruleset & Event Format

IeSF has always had constrovery with their item ruleset. From allowing capsule guns, to IYAN 09 gear, IeSF always likes to surprise us with their ruleset each year. 2013 is no different, as you can see by checking out the allowed item list here!

Weapons like the G36 Alligator, AKS74u Deathmodus, FG42, Blue Skull, and plenty of other capsules guns are free to use in this IeSF. The reasoning behind these decisions has not been made public. These imbalanced weapons destroy any level of competitive fair play by lowering the skill ceiling and skill floor harshly. This is an issue complained about by a multitude of teams in NA, and EU.

The event format for IeSF 2013 is a bit of a mystery! Until we know further information, this is the best can we provide! The first option is that they follow the same format as they have in the past (and is outlined in their ruleset). Meaning, all teams will play each other in a massive round robin. The team who comes first is seeded directly into the Grand Finals. The last 3-5 teams are then put in a bracket, and battle it out on their way to the Grand Finals!

The alternative option, which has been told to the majority of teams by Aeria Games, is that each continent will face off against their regional counterparts. Thus, the Asians verse each other, while the Foreigners/EU/NA all play each other. Top 2 from these two groups then play each other, and form the final bracket! Either format could fit into the schedule above, and some official confirmation would be appreciated!

IeSF 2013 Event Format
The event format listed in the IeSF 2013 Regulation Guidebook, Article 26.

IeSF 2013 Results

1. Korea
2. Thailand
3. Sweden
4. Canada
5. Finland
6. Romania
*7th-9th is undetermined due to group stage play.

IeSF 2013 VoDs

Grand Finals - Korea (Astrick) vs Thailand:

Team Canada Interview - William "ProPro" Gibb

We took a chat with Team Canada's rifler, William "ProPro" Gibb, and asked for his thoughts and opinions on IeSF, AVA, Aeria, and much more!

CGO: Hi ProPro! How excited are you to finally make it to IeSF, and is your team just as excited?

ProPro: I'm totally excited as F! I've been playing this game for a longtime and I finally won something, lol. All my teammates are excited to drink in Romania.

CGO: That's great! What did you think of the American team this year, and how they played overall?

ProPro: The American team played well but the keyplayer, who is obviously KaNiPaN, did not perform as good as he used to which is because we play LoL way too much. That was a huge loss for them since he is a sniper too. Good snipers are annoying as F! But others played really well.

CGO: What placing at IeSF do you expect of your team? Is there any added pressure since you're representing Canada internationally?

ProPro: We are immune to pressure. We expect to be top 3.

CGO: Can you explain why your team is successful, from the members, to your strats, and teamwork? A brief overview of how you guys play?

ProPro: First of all as a team I'm the only one that calls strats, which is always good. It's like an army listening to my strat. Teamwork came from mmy teammates listening to my strats and understanding it.

CGO: What two teams are you the most worried about, heading into Romania 2013?

ProPro: Finland and Sweden. There are a lot of players that hate me and I hope they dont whip me in real life.

CGO: What are your opinions on IeSF as an eSports organization, and the trip that's ahead of you?

ProPro: I think they did a great job for hosting the tournament and pumping up the online gaming community.

CGO: How would you describe the current state of UAVA, and the competitive side of the game? Thoughts on Aeria as a publisher?

ProPro: I personally dont think Aeria is a bad publisher, but for some reason AVA is surely dead soon. Competitive side there are only like 3 teams that can play good.

CGO: Any suggestions you have to improve AVA, or the competitive environment of the game?

ProPro:It's just more money on tournaments and that increases the population automatically.

CGO: Will we see your team competing in AIC if Canadians are allowed?

ProPro: Yes. Most definitely. Hopefully the same people we got now.

CGO: Any final thoughts or shoutouts to any individuals or groups?

ProPro: Hey Aila, thanks for being with me and thanks for letting me use your name. Bye.

IeSF Starts November 1st - Don't Miss it!

IeSF will go by quick this year, so make sure you are all caught up on all the schedules, and teams! You will not want to miss such exciting matches from all of these national teams competing against each other!

CGO will try to provide as much event coverage as possible! Post-IeSF Review article guaranteed! Stay tuned!

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