Factory Demolition Map Preview

Factory has a Charming Design

Map designers seek to provide players with quality designs, layouts, and of course long term fun. Pulling these traits together to form a cohesive and fulfilling map is not always easy. Yet, Factory is a definite candidate for its surprisingly deep design of its 'mid'. Competitive players may find themselves surprised at the depth provided in Alliance of Valiant Arm's 14th demolition map!

Factory's mid design appears to instill a central focus of play. Meaning, the mid of the map connects to each bomb site directly, with quick and easy access. Both NRF and EU will need to fight over multiple areas of mid, to contest the advantages each area provides. A select area that both sides have an equal chance of claiming provides a slew of benefits, including shutting down any rotations or pushes to Site 1. Meanwhile, an NRF controlled portion of mid enables quick rotations into Site 2; which EU will want to control to pressure the NRF. No matter which way you end up entering mid, you are guaranteed to influence the flow of the round!

AVA Factory Minimap

Included in the fantastic layout is the excellent artistic design and wonderful detail provided throughout. Demolition map Factory has no North American or European release date, but all players of Aeria Game's Alliance of Valiant Arms should prepare for an exhilarating experience of fresh design.

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Wednesday March 19, 2014
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