ESL Spring 2014 Review

ESL's Spring demolition cup for Alliance of Valiant Arms took off with strong participation from the competitive community through the April 20th weekend! A pool 46 teams were seeded into the bracket to take their chance at the seasonal prize stash. For each season ESL offers a seasonal event, in this case spring, which provides teams with larger prize pools than normal, and exclusive ESL rewards like ESL Premium.

Notable teams participating were Astonish, 2nd place finishers in the ESL March Cup,Semper Fidelity, Artifex, and Sinister. New teams with notable players were present, with the likes of WELLtoasted. Frequent teams like UCGaming, eRise, CCeLitEs, and SyroN, made their appearances as well! A crazy clash of varied skill pumped excitement throughout the event!

There was no stream, and thus, there are no highlight clips or VoDs available!

Upper Bracket

With no Losers Bracket, this cup was all about winning each match, or potentially falling short early on. Teams like eRise fell to inSame-AVA early, who then were defeated by Sinister! Vixen took charge to knock Please out, and then took out CCeLitEs! Astonish would come out of the upper bracket undefeated by defeating Annix, and then finally Vixen.

Lower Bracket

For the Lower Bracket, we had team Artifex taking out teamRealize, and Semper Fidelity before the semi-finals. We also had UCGaming falling short to SyroN, who also beat out egoManiac! This set a heated quarter-finals match between Artifex and SyroN. With Artifex unable to clench any ground, SyroN was able to beat Artifex with a score of 2-0. SyroN would move on to the Grand Finals to take on Astonish!

Grand Finals Astonish vs SyroN

Astonish had placed second in ESL March, and were looking for a 1st place finish to redeem themselves. SyroN was looking for first as well, in order to get their team some recognition within the community. A month of ESL Premium, and a large divide of AP stood as the difference between 1st, and 2nd.

Astonish put the full weight of their will on SyroN, as they quickly took the first two maps. SyroN, with one map down, needed to win the next 2 in order to have any chance of winning the Grand Finals. In a glimpse of hope SyroN was able to acquire the third map win on Hammer Blow. However, Astonish disliked the taste of defeat, and took a swift win on the fourth and final map of Dual Site! Astonish became the 2014 ESL Spring Demo Cup champions!

More ESL Competition to come in April

A fantastic tournament completed, and only a week remains before ESL's regular monthly demolition cup for April begins! Much more content, events, and news to come as ESL finishes off the month with another round of exciting events!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Monday April 21, 2014
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