ESL March 2014 Demo Cup Review

A Mountain of Competition

March saw ESL conduct another Alliance of Valiant Arms demolition cup with over 40 teams competing. Through the event over 200 players were challenged in a grueling bracket to claim the prizes sponsored by Aeria Games. With 3000 AP going to each player on the winning team, and a prize pool worth over 50k AP, all participants were braced for stiff competition.

ESL March 2014 was a true international experience, for teams from at least 2 continents were participating. European favourites like Andromeda, SemperFidelity, Reves, and Neutralize were all present. While known North American teams eRise, Artifex, Armored, and V.M.E all turned out for their shot at some European territory!

ESL TV also streamed both days of the tournament, with casting provided by Stoner ofRushTV, and Ink! Over 340 live viewers tuned in to witness the exciting A.V.A competition, as well as to receive free give aways in the chat! Make sure you remember to tune in for the next ESL AVA Cups in April!

Winner's Bracket Andromeda vs eRise

Andromeda took on eRise for their first match of the tournament. For the top EU team this was no matter, as Andromeda proceeded to win 7-2 on Hammer Blow. A huge carry from Cyphez, going 16-4, paved the early signs of victory for the European team. eRise decided to step up their game on India, with a decisive 7-4 victory over Andromeda. IeSF 2013 player AilaDaquiz took to the stomping with a 15-5 score, while Cozzy supported with a nice 13-7. With the maps tied, the pressure between these teams prompted a 6-6 score on Cannon. As the final round commenced a 2vs2 situation arose, however Kwelie and Cyphez eventually came out on top to clutch the round. Andromeda would find themselves advancing on, while eRise would need to battle through the Loser's Bracket!

SemperFidelity vs Artifex

Upcoming contendors SemperFidelity were paired against Artifex mid-way through the bracket. The NA team Artifex took this challenge openly as they proceeded to win on Cannon, just barely, by a score of 7-6. SemperFidelity roared their revenge on Artifex on Black Scent with a hard roll of 7-2 - with nearly every SemperFidelity player having a 2.0 KD/r! The final map would be Fox Hunting, and similar to other matches, this map came to a 6-6 score. An early pick, and an eventual 3vs1 for SemperFidelity enabled them to sweep the final round. Taz and Lettu of SemperFidelity played incredibly well throughout this match, with tons of crazy plays and clutches!

WB Finals: Andromeda vs Reves

At the start of Day 2, the first match to play was Andromeda vs Reves. Reves being a formidable EU team, it was no surprise they made it to the WB Finals! Meanwhile Andromeda fulfilled expectations from the community in making it to the WB Finals yet again. As the match began Andromeda took an early 6-0 lead against Reves on Cannon! After a single round of victory, Reves faultered on the next round, for a final score of 7-1 for Andromeda. All of Andromeda participated in the carry with 4.0 KD/r's across the board. Next map was Dual Sight, and again, Reves was unable to find any grip against Andromeda. Kimpah with a 13-3 score was just too much for Reves to compete with! This placed Andromeda into the Grand Finals, while Reves would need to battle once more in the Loser's Bracket!

Loser's Bracket Finals Astonish vs Reves

After falling short to Andromeda early on in the bracket, Astonish was looking for redemption. Standing before them was Reves, who had also lost to Andromeda. Each team had a bone to pick with Andromeda, yet they stood in each other's way! A best of 3 was played to determine who would be able to act out their revenge on Andromeda in the Grand Finals!

Opening up the first map was Hammer Blow, with Astonish taking the NRF side. Astonish looked impeccable on their NRF performance, yet Reves was able to close in on the score. Once the round switch occurred, and Astonish was able to unleash their EU potential, it was all over for Reves. A quick 2 round win lead Astonish to win the first map 7-5. A stellar performance from both teams on the first map set us up for the second map India!

India began with great rounds coming out from both teams. Excellent defensive play from Astonish ended many rushes, but picks were made by Reves! Again, once Astonish was able to switch onto EU, their true performance shined. A massive scope battle began between kRoon, and TimmyPurno, with scores of 18-8, and 16-6 by the end of the game! However, TimmyPurno was able to pull a huge 1vs3 scope clutch on EU against Reves to win the map 7-5. This set Astonish up for a final collision against Andromeda in the Grand Finals!

Grand FinalsAndromeda vs Astonish

Andromeda had a flawless victory through the ESL March Cup in their path to the Grand Finals. Astonish had previously lost to Andromeda, but had managed to make it all the way through the Loser's Bracket. Andromeda being the favourite team of the tournament, had surprised no one by securing their Grand Final seed. Yet, Astonish was just a blip on the radar to the community, and surprised everyone when they beat out Reves in the Loser's Bracket Finals! The stage was set, and each team was eager to get the best of 5 match underway!

Andromeda chose to pick Cannon as the first map of the series. Andromeda was unaware of how well Astonish could play Cannon, as they proceded to get smashed by the underdog team. A swift 7-2 victory left many wondering if Andromeda could pull out the win in the end. TimmyPurno stepped up to the plate on Cannon, finishing with a fantastic score of 12-3. With their reputation on the line, Andromeda set out to win on India. With a complete turn around, they quickly won with a great score of 7-1. Cyphez, and MrGold went huge for their team, with 3.0 KD/rs each!

Potentially two maps remained for Astonish, but Andromeda needed just one more to claim the victory for the event! The third map was selected as Black Scent, with Andromeda taking NRF first. The first four rounds started off equal between each team. However, the ice broke, and Andromeda just couldn't be stopped. Kimpah was landing picks, and stopping entire rushes, while Mankii and Cyphez backed him up! Astonish was unable to get any of their players going, and were constantly shut down. The last round featured Astonish going for a very aggressive rush towards site 2. Andromeda shut it down instantly, and were crowned the ESL March Demolition Cup Champions of 2014!

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More ESL Competition to come in April

Congratulations to Andromeda on their win for the month of March! Will Andromeda be able to continue their legacy for the next round of competition from ESL? ESL has already announced their 1vs1 April Cup, with registration open! Tune into that event and also prepare for the next monthly ESL tournament!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Tuesday April 1, 2014
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