ESL April 2014 Demo Cup Review

For ESL's monthly demolition cup April served as a great foundation to service over 40 teams. The community of Alliance of Valiant Arms was able to experience yet another highly competitive event with tons of action, excitement, and upsets. Over 50k AP was on the line for these teams, and the A.V.A community was eager to see who could claim the championship title!

Winners Bracket Crackheads vs Semper Fidelity

Crackheads came through the earlier rounds of the Winners Bracket without much contention. The same was ture for Semper Fidelity. Each team has faced off against each other in previous ESL tournaments, and were leaping at the chance to knock each down into the Losers Bracket early on. Semper Fidelity lost to Crackheads in the Grand Finals of ESL March, and were definitely heading into this match with revenge on their minds.

Semper Fidelity came out strong with a 4-1 lead on Black Scent. Crackheads managed to pull themselves together to close in on the score 5-6. Semper Fidelity needed just one round to take the first map away from Crackheads. With Mankii in a 1vs2 situation, he was unable to save the round, and allowed Semper Fidelity to claim the first map.

Crackheads seemed irritated by this first map loss, and set their sights on Fox Hunting. By playing an astounding NRF, Crackheads were able to hold onto a 5-1 score lead when the sides, and tempo of the map switched. Round by round, Semper Fidelity held site after site, and shut down the majority of Crackhead's attempts at strategy. Crackheads now down 5-6 were one round from elimination as Kwelie made an amazing 1vs2 clutch to defend the bomb plant. However, this feat was not enough as Semper Fidelity pulled ahead to win the map 7-6.

A major upset as this was the first time in many events that Crackheads had been knocked down to the Losers Bracket, and not going undefeated to the Grand Finals as expected. Excellent job to Semper Fidelity for keeping the event full of excitement!

WB Finals: egoManiac vs Semper Fidelity

egoManiac had gone undefeated alongside Semper Fidelity in the Winners Bracket, and were each seeking a spot in the Grand Finals. With no Crackheads to contend with, each team felt the increased chances they had at a guaranteed Top 2 finish.

Black Scent, the first map in the series, would show us two teams competing very closely to each other. With a final score of 7-6, egoManiac was able to spring the first map in their favour. A surprising result to a few but not to those who have kept an eye on the rising performance of egoManiac.

However, as we progressed to the second map, it was clear egoManiac could still not rest easy. Semper Fidelity absolutely demolished egoManiac with a quick 7-3 victory. It was no surprise as Semper Fidelity always perform well on India.

The third and final map would decide who travels onwards, and who stalls into the Losers Bracket. Another close map is formed as the score ties to 6-6. Nakaz, and C4HQ went clutch for their team each getting double kills to close out the round, and to send their team to a Top 2 finish.

Losers Bracket - Crackheads vs Detox

Crackheads looked past Detox and saw the Grand Finals spotlight. Detox, unluckily for them, were in the way. With a quick, and decisive back to back 7-1 score, Crackheads took the match win. Crackheads were painting a clear picture on why they should not have been knocked into the Losers Bracket so early!

Crackheads vs Semper Fidelity

Another best of 3 match fell before Crackheads and Semper Fidelity. Two of the best long term competing teams clashing twice in just one event is enough to make anyone go crazy from excitement. No matter how much Taz tried with a 14-7 K/D, Crackheads, with their main lineup, were just too much for Semper Fidelity to handle, losing the first map 7-5. Exceptional play from Mankii, and MrGold sealed Semper Fidelity's third place fate, with a Black Scent score of 7-4. Crackheads had defeated the reason they were in the Losers Bracket, and had earned their redemption in the Grand Finals.

Grand FinalsegoManiac vs Crackheads

egoManiac, having gone undefeated to the Grand Finals were hyped to contest Crackheads for the champion's title. Crackheads, having had to drive through the Losers Bracket did not want to waste their renewed chance at winning yet another ESL event. Each team wanted to make their mark, and set their performances straight in the eyes of the community.

Crackheads were behind 1 map, and needed to win 3. egoManiac just needed to win 2 to claim the Grand Finals. Heading into the first map, Crackheads let no aggression go to waste as they acquired pick after pick. This was far too much for egoManiac to deal with, and the map quickly ended with a 7-1 score in favour of Crackheads.

Not letting up, Crackheads won 4 straight rounds. A silver lining of hope glimmered in egoManiac's eyes as they closed the score 4-3. However, Crackheads inner competition sparked, and the rest of the map was a complete stomp, with a score of 7-3.

Cannon, the third map in the series, played out no differently than expected. Crackheads took their advantages and rushed nearly every round on NRF. This pushed egoManiac to the edge, and made them fall apart. Crackheads surmounted their match win with a final map score of 7-1.

Crackheads won the ESL April Demo Cup of 2014, after falling early to the Losers Bracket. Congratulations to Crackheads!

ESL April Demo Cup Highlights

Tune in to ESL for ICC & May

Congratulations to Crackhead on coming back from the near elimination to claiming that ESL championship title yet again! Make sure you tune in to the International Country Championship throughout April and May. As well, be sure to participate in the ESL May monthly cup!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Tuesday April 29, 2014
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