Damage Variance in Black Squad

Ink from CGO investigates the issue of damage variance in Black Squad.

With so many similarities between A.V.A and Black Squad it is a curious question on what else is shared. It seems there is a much larger damage variance present than there was in A.V.A. Anywhere from ten to forty-five points of spread can be found. Although it is undecided what other systems may be adjusting damage values it is clear that headshots at the same range are not identical. 

The issue of varied damage is crucial to game play integrity. Take for instance a weapon that will one shot headshot nine out of ten times at 0 metres. This may seem insigifnicant, but many rounds are played in a match and even more in a best of three. Are rounds suppose to hinge on a 10% probability of a kill or a tank? Even still, since damage drops off at range, the varied spread also lowers. This results in that nine out of ten to lower to an eight out of ten or a five out of ten. Mid-range duels could simply hinge on 40%-60% probabilities with lower damage guns like the CZ 805 or G36. Not to mention the effect it has on body shots, which also suffer from variance, where certain weapons may become five or six shot kills instead of the base four. 

The purpose of the damage variance is not clear nor is one provided by Neowiz. Although it is not entirely clear what causes up to forty-five points worth of spread the effects exist jusy the practice channel. These variances have been observed in public matches and in the ongoing PUGs from the Western player base. No comment has been made by Neowiz.

More information is needed to confirm the implications for scopes, pistols, knives, and grenades. At this time we could only confirm for rifles. Liimited tests were performed at 0 metres and 10 metres with only four weapons (G36 2014, SR-47, CZ 805, Test Gun). Only the standard armour was used.

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Sunday June 25, 2017
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