CGO #16 Week 4 Preview

CGO AVA Demo #16 - Final Four Week 3

Week 2 of CGO #16 for Alliance of Valiant Arms featured a range of quality matches, and many heated bouts of skill! Eight teams separated into two groups of four battled it out to determine who the Top 4 teams would be! A tough weekend has gone by, and with all the dust settled, your final four teams have emerged!

1. Yasashii
2. nH58
3. Sketchfest
4. VoltTackle
5. Nokuto
6. inisoag
7. Hachai
8. zmobie

1. YuoNaNa
2. CCFate
3. CCEnvy
4. CCxJianan
5. CCgReen
6. CCMtnDew
7. N/A
8. N/A

1. lMlStorm
2. Rahn
3. LeeHyangKim
4. SonofSamoa
5. lDamirl
6. inMud
7. SmokeBowls
8. 3lmo

1. UCGlKyu
2. UCGlTer
3. lMoFol
4. '.'
6. UCGlXbi
7. UCGlcKz
8. UCGlaNm

CGO #16 Week 2 Review

Group 1

Week 2's Group 1 shined on teams CCeLitEs, Deuces, Gorgeous, and Strongers! Similar to Artifex's performance, CCeLitEs were able to sweep their group with a perfect 3-0. The story of this group is found in the 3-way tie between Deuces, Gorgeous, and Strongers! Each of these teams found themelves going 1-2. The tiebreaker led to Deuces coming out on top, and being the second team, along with CCeLitEs to make it to the Top 4 of CGO #16!

The highlight match for this week's group featured CCeLitEs taking on Deuces! Both teams put forth a great effort against each other. The first map was Dual Sight, and with a great defense, and offense from CCeLitEs, were able to overpower Deuces with a victory of 8-1. This momentum helped propel them to another victory on the second map, Hammer Blow, being able to out-rush Deuces for a 9-3 score! This win from CCeLitEs claimed their first place finish in Group 1! Again, both these teams will most likely face off against each other during the Finals Weekend of Week 3!

Watch CCeLitEs in action verse Deuces on!

Group 2

Week 2's Group 2 featured teams Artifex, UCGaming, FairyTale, and Neurotic all competing for a top 2 finish. Artifex took a quick 3-0 over the group to cement their first place finish, and a guaranteed spot in the Top 4. Neurotic, and FairyTale were unable to compete on the same level as Artifex, and subsequently lost. Meanwhile, UCGaming took away Neurotic's, and FairyTale's hope, defeating both of them. Neurotic, and FairyTale will need to try again next CGO to see if the they have what it takes!

Artifex and UCGaming battled it out over the weekend, and many exciting moments were had! Artifex was capable of defeating UCGaming on their first map, 9-6. UCGaming responded with a valiant effort on the second map, but ultimately Artifex proved too strong, as they 10-6'd UCGaming for the group win. Both teams will have made it to the Top 4, and will most likely face off again in the upcoming double elimination bracket!

Check out the Artifex vs UCGaming match VoD on!

Meet the Final Four


Second time CGO participant, and first time Top 4 team of a CGO event, CCeLitEs bursted out onto the scene back in CGO #15. Unable to qualify past the second week, CCeLitEs came crashing into CGO #16 with vengeance on their eyes. Determined to cement their image to the quality, and place high in CGO, they are well on their way! Many struggles still remain for CCeLitEs, as they will have to take on even stronger teams during Week 3 in order to make a Top 2 finish! It will be an interesting ride seeing how CCeLitEs fairs against the best teams in A.V.A!

Be amazed by CCxJianan's fast 2k quickscope through vent on!


Long-time competitor of A.V.A, Artifex needs no introduction! A team of talented players who have played together for more than a year, with plenty of success, is a strong force in CGO #16!. Artifex was more than expected to make it to Week 3, but the real question is if they are capable of making it to the Grand Finals. Will they crumble as they have in the past, or will former glory rise to their benefit? Make sure you tune in this coming weekend to find out!

Artifex's Yasashii's typical 3k bomb defense against UCGaming on!

Artifex Score Menu - CGO AVA


Deuces contains various players with big histories in A.V.A! Although their team may be fresh in competition, they have shown their talent in both Week 1, and Week 2! Their true test will come from their ability to band together against the other dominant teams of Week 3. No doubt they are all excited to have made it to the Top 4 of CGO, but their focus must remain prioritized on the Grand Finals!


UCGaming has competed in multiple CGO's, placing moderately well in each of them. This is UCGaming's most recent opportunity to find themselves a CGO Championship title, and break their curse of being knocked out just before they finally make it to the Grand Finals! UCGaming, as usual, has shown a great diversity of individual performances, and teamwork. Yet, against stronger teams, we have seen UCGaming break down, and underperform to expectations! Week 3 will be an opportunity for UCGaming to show their continued improvement, and possibly a CGO victory!

UCG's Mofo's 180 noscope surprise against SH58 on

Week 3 Stream Schedule

Sat. Dec. 7th: 2:00 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
Semi-Finals Match A - CCeLitEs vs UCGaming
Semi-Finals Match B - Artifex vs Deuces
Winners Finals - Winner of A vs Winner of B

Sun. Dec. 8th: 2:00 PM EST - 6:00 PM EST
Losers Finals - Winner of Losers Round 1 vs Loser of Winners Finals
Grand Finals - Winner of Losers vs Winner of Winners

Make Your Pedictions - Win Prizes

Aeria has featured a poll on their forums, asking for your vote on who you think will win CGO #16:

All of those who post in the topic with their vote will receive a TBA!

Intense 3 Weeks of Play

CGO is thankful to all competitors, spectators, and other participants in supporting CGO, and the competitive community! None of this is possible without the community's support! Make sure you all tune in this weekend to our Twitch channel, to catch all of the action:

Enjoy all of the exciting content, and entertainment this week!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Tuesday December 3, 2013
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