CGO #16 Week 1 Review

CGO AVA Demo #16 Week 1 Groups Review

CGO #16 Week 1 Review

With Week 1 of CGO #16 coming to an end, it is time again to review the teams that have made it to the Top 8, and who made the biggest splash in those tough Week 1 groups! The teams who succeeded in their matches will find themselves in the Week 2 Groups, in an even harder battle. Let us take a look at how each of these eight teams were able to claw their way out for a larger chance at the fabled Top 4!

CGO #16 - Week 1 Group 1

Group 1 is a great place to start the definition of 'Group of Death'. Heading into Week 1, many noticed that high tier teams FairyTale, Gorgeous, and Cambyisd were all clumped together. The community felt the shakes from V.M.E and gLm, and perhaps that is why they did not participate at all in Week 1! Yet, as we soon found out, FairyTale and Gorgeous were the two favourite teams to make it out of the groups!

Between FairyTale and Gorgeous, a ton of action took place! Gorgeous's kRoon (Surreal) took to the stage and dominated his prior team FairyTale with epic carries each half! On India, kRoon took a hard 16.5 - 3 spree on FairyTale. Being relentless, kRoon continued his wall of superiority over FairyTale by having 2.0 KD scores over the next 3 halves, to clinch the series! Both teams placed in the top 2 of Group 1, and will find themselves in different groups for Week 2. Their rivarly may find ignition once again, if they each make it to Week 3!

CGO AVA Demo #16 - kRoon Carry
CGO #16 - Week 1 Group 2

Fortunately for the newer teams placed in Group 2, most teams are relatively new to the competitive scene in AVA. That is to say if you exclude long time performer Deuces! As expected, Deuces took a nice 4 - 0 standing, leaving the rest of the group way behind. Taking second place was upcoming team Neurotic! Both of these teams will find themselves competing in Week 2!

CGO #16 - Week 1 Group 3

Perhaps redefining the defition of the group of death is reasonable if you take a gander at Group 3! Teams like Artifex, Sinister, and CCeLiTes were all present to showcase their skill. A tough group for unknown teams like Pursuit, and BiTTerEnd! Many upsets were made, yet Artifex was, once again, able to take a 1st place finish in the Week 1 groups, and will be moving on to Week 2!

Second place in Group 3 came with a shock as Sinister faced off against CCeLiTes. Sinister was able to make it to third place in the prior CGO #15, while CCeLiTes were unable to qualify past Week 1. A sharp contrast when we see that CCeLiTes not only beat Sinister in group stages, but that CCeLiTes was the largest contributor on why Sinister is not moving on to Week 2! A heavyweight competitior has fallen early on in the group stages, and has enabled CCeLiTes the satisfaction in finally being able to move on past Week 1!

CGO #16 - Week 1 Group 4

Our smallest group of Week 1 was Group 4 with just 4 teams! Notable team UCGaming took an easy 3 - 0 in the groups, without much sweat! Coming in at second was new teams Strongers, who appeared to not be phased by their loss to UCGaming, and kept their performance high enough to make it to Week 2!

What's Next: Week 2

Week 2 of CGO #16 will feature just two groups of 4 teams of the top 2 teams from each group in Week 1! These groups are:

CGO AVA Demo #16 Week 2 Groups

A large majority of Week 2 matches will be streamed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Nov. 29th - Dec. 1st), between 2:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST, on our page!. A full schedule will be released on the Aeria Forums, CGO Forums, and into this page! Check back frequently!

Congratulations to all of the teams who have made it to Week 2. It will be an exciting two weeks to see who makes it out of Week 2, and what the Top 4 teams will look like in CGO #16!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Monday November 25, 2013
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