CGO #15 Week 4 Review

CGO #15 Summary of Results

Another CGO Grand Finals has passed us by, which means we have another name to add to the ever growing list of CGO Champions! Congratulations to FairyTale on their undefeated victory this CGO, an excellent achievement! As well, a huge thank you to all of the teams who signed up, and participated! None of this is possible without the support from the community, and the competitive players! Thanks to everyone who made CGO #15 another CGO success story. Below you will find the full results, some information on CGO #16, and of course, all of the CGO #15 VoDs, Highlights, and Interviews!

CGO #15 Placings

1st - FairyTale
1. Sentarse
2. Shinmazu
3. Subversus
4. IESF_35
5. SurreaI
*2500 AP Each

2nd - Celsia
1. Ciboulette
2. DirtyBugger
3. Zarskyy
4. TimmyPurno
5. AoKkiji
*1500 AP Each

3rd - Sinister
1. Virility
2. iSprookle
3. eXerTi0n
4. LuvRedtube
5. Cherryl3oy
*1000 AP Each

4th - SnapNCrackle
1. [GS]Bl1ndGun
2. leizy
3. DatFIick
4. BobbyQT
5. HaChai
*800 AP Each

5th - UCGaming
1. UCGlKyu
2. UCGlcKz
3. UCGlTer
4. UCGlXbi
5. UCGlyNn
*500 AP Each

6th - HauseN
1. HauseNlsK
2. ExWarAngel
3. lnno
4. Premiumly
5. WhosCarbon
*250 AP Each

7th - Excessive
1. KTxBullGoM
3. lllQuadlll
4. LasTsubasA
5. Enome
*250 AP Each

8th - Lucky
1. xFlow
2. PxViolenT
3. VoltTackle
4. Bambiebaby
5. iVaneGuard
*250 AP Each

All CGO #15 Teams who placed top 8 are reminded to send in their prize forms in this forum!

FairyTale: CGO #15 Champions

FairyTale quickly became one of the few favourites to win CGO #15 after their huge 4-0 record during Week 1. Heading into Week 2, FairyTale had some issues against Lucky, but was able to move on after a 2-1 victory. Week 3 brought FairyTale against Sinister, which would have stopped a lot of teams in their tracks, yet FairyTale persisted with another 2-0 victory. Upon us was Week 4, where FairyTale had to take on their strongest opponent yet, Celsia. Making short work of Celsia, and sending them to the LB Finals after a fightening quick 2-0 victory. FairyTale had found themselves in the Grand Finals, awaiting their opponent, Celsia or Sinister.

Celsia sent Sinister home with a 0-2 loss. Celsia was geared to take on FairyTale in the Grand Finals, and battle it out for CGO #15 Championship title. However, FairyTale proceeded to hold their own, yet again, against Celsia, and took a very close first map in the first best of 3 series! The second map was a different story for Celsia. Having won the first half, but allowing FairyTale to tie the map in the second half, we proceeded to overtime. There, Celsia showed their dominance on Dual Sight, and took the tiebreaker. Forcing a third map, FairyTale just had to win, while Celsia needed to win the map, but also another best of 3 series! FairyTale wouldn't allow Celsia to force another series, and clinched the map in an exciting fashion on Radar!

Champion Interview - FairyTale

Listen in as FairyTale provides their thoughts on CGO #15, the competition, IeSF 2013, Clan Match & More!

CGO #15 Week 4 VoDs & Highlight Clips

Full Match VoDs:
CGO AVA - Sinister vs SnapNCrackle - CGO #15 LB Semi-Finals

CGO AVA - Fairytale vs Celsia - CGO #15 Grand Finals Part 1

CGO AVA - Fairytale vs Celsia - CGO #15 Grand Finals Part 2

Highlight Clips:

CGO #15 - FairyTale's Surreal 3k Bomb Hold

CGO #15 - Celsia's Zarssky 3k

CGO #15 - FairyTale's Surreal 5k Ace

CGO #15 - Suversus 3k Site Hold To Win CGO

CGO #16 & the Future

On a final note, we would like to remind everyone that CGO #16 will be announced very soon! We have already prepared adjustments to the CGO #15 event format, in order to continue on improving the competitive experience of all CGO participants, and AVA players! Stay tuned for more news on the specifics, and general changes! As well, our sixth FFA event will take place in November, so get your individual skill ready!

From CGO #16 onwards we look to set consistency. We have achieved a great baseline of quality, with our website, articles, videos, and promotional tools. Now we seek to set the same bar for consistency of content! This means streams on our Twitch channel will now follow a much more consistent schedule, with tons of notification time. As well as 3-5 articles published each week on the main site! Not to mention community geared focuses like our featured montage of the month, and our feedback polls!

It's an exciting time for CGO, and AVA!
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Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Monday October 28, 2013
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