CGO #15 Week 4 Preview

CGO #15 Final 4

CGO #15 Week 3 concluded with plenty of action and interesting storylines! Celsia and HauseN clashed together, and in a one-sided stomp, Celsia proved their worth! Meanwhile Fairytale took on Sinister, and proved how much they deserved to win! This sets up a Celsia vs FairyTale WB Finals on Saturday! Checking out that Losers Bracket shows us a whole different story! Sinister took on UCGaming, and in a 2-1 victory, ended UCG's progress in CGO #15! HauseN was unable to communicate, and coordinate themselves, so SnapNCrackle is saved from such a drastic confrontation, and find themselves in the Top 4! With Week 4 on its way, we will see these storylines clash once again, as the champion of CGO #15 will be crowned!

Broadcast Schedule

Saturday October 26th 2013
2:00 PM EDT: WB Finals - Celsia vs FairyTale
4:00 PM EDT: LB Semi-Finals - SnapNCrackle vs Sinister
6:00 PM EDT: Losers Bracket Finals

Sunday October 27th 2013
2:00 PM EDT: Grand Finals

Celsia vs FairyTale

Week 4 we find Celsia sitting pretty, looking untouched this entire tournament! Having battled it out against UCGaming and HauseN, while sweeping both of them, Celsia appears to be the strongest team competing in CGO #15. It is no surprise why they carried the first seed heading into CGO #15, and why they have yet again found themselves in a guaranteed Top 4 finish! Each player on Celsia has stepped up to clutch, play consistently, and utilize all of their teamwork to net them round after round! Players like Ciboulette, AoKkiji, and DirtyBugger have performed astoundingly well against all opponents, forcing positive K/Dr's on all of their opponents. We have also seen 'red container' Zarskyy hold down his spots and picks with his fantastic Fr-F2 game play! Overall Celsia is a solid, and consistent team. If there was a team to wipe everyone, Celsia would be at the top of the list!

Not to be shadowed by their opponent in Week 4, FairyTale has their own identity, and should never be taken lightly! Having gone 4 - 0 in their group, and beating teams like Lucky and Sinister, they are another contendor for the CGO #15 champion title. An easy win against Lucky propelled them into a grinding match against Sinister. Destroying Sinister on their second map, Cannon (6 - 0), FairyTale showed how invincible they can perform. Scoping by Surreal was on par with Zarskyy, and all of their riflers stepped it up on offense to win out the match. FairyTale looks to prove their top level potential in CGO #15, and are well on their way to persuade even the hardest critics!

Celsia vs FairyTale

1. Ciboulette
2. DirtyBugger
3. Zarskyy
4. TimmyPurno
5. AoKkiji

1. Sentarse
2. Lookzie
3. hoopsE
4. IESF_35
5. SurreaI

Who will win? The Winners Bracket of CGO #15 is one of the best we have ever seen! Two teams performing at such a high level will go head-to-head for that savory Top 2 finish, and a chance at a CGO Champion title! Each team has the potential to come out on top, and will need all of their star players to show themselves come Saturday! Zarskyy, and Ciboulette, will need to get those opening picks, and nades, while AoKkiji will need to hold down sites with Ditybugger! However, FairyTale's Surreal may prove too strong as he has torn up every team he's faced with his own FR-F2 skills. With players like Sentarse, and Lookzie supporting Surreal, it will be no easy task to bring him down. Both teams feature a focus on scope picks, and aggressive offensive play! How these two similar styles will dictate the match will be revealed this weekend!

Check out Celsia vs HauseN from Week 3

Sinister vs SnapNCrackle

Sinister has proven themselves as a definite Top 2 contendor, as they took several rounds off of FairyTale in Week 3, and defeated favourites like SnapNCrackle in dominant fashion! Their distinct play style has proven tough towards FairyTale. Their individual skill and players have surprised many, with the likes of iSprookle being an amazing scope. As well as Cherryl3boy having some of the best MK.3 skill in the game. From aggressive styles to passive styles, Sinister has read the 'AVA Strategy Guide', and employs all tactics from cover to cover. Their diverse range of skill is hard to predict, and makes for a lot of unexpected plays! A top team at average, Sinister looks to prevail into the LB Finals!

Stepping in front of Sinister's progress is their rival in CGO #15, SnapNCrackle. Having beaten Sinister with ease in the Week 1 Group Stages, but failing hard against them in the Week 2 Playoffs, a lot is to be desired from SnapNCrackle. Having gained a forfeit win against the more favourable HauseN, puts them in a distinct situation to prove why they should belong in Week 4. They will be seeking the revenge on Sinister, but also looking to show why they beat Sinister all the way back in Week 1. Scope [GS]Bl1ndgun will need to yet again bring his A game to the match, and ensure he works iSprookle each round. Dyosa, and ShyNee, however, will need to deal with Sinister's excellent riflers, and out-gun them as they push into sites! A lot to prove, but an interesting match nonetheless!

Sinister vs SnapNCrackle

1. Virility
2. iSprookle
3. Cherry
4. LuvRedtube
5. Cherryl3oy

1. [GS]Bl1ndGun
2. Dyosa
3. shyNee
4. BobbyQT
5. HaChai

Who will win?The favourite team to place Top 3, and who has dominated their opponents before, is the only clear choice in this manner, and that would be Sinister! iSprookle on scope is a tremendous force to deal with, let alone to shut down! Each rifler on Sinister has appeared to out-perform, and play much more consistently than each of SNC's riflers. A tough match for SNC, but a major upset if they are able to pull out the win. However, Sinister sits comfortably, with their eyes much more focused on winning that Losers Bracket Finals!

Check out Sinister vs FairyTale from Week 3

Grand Finals & Top 4

With so many skilled teams in the Top 4, it becomes a difficult prediction to theorize who will come first, and what the final standings will be! Celsia, FairyTale, Sinister, and SnapNCrackle all have much on the line and motivation to win. Each team has the potential to come out on top, and to show why they will be the undisputed champion of CGO #15! We expect to see FairyTale or Celsia to be in the Grand Finals. Both teams could end up in the Grand Finals, providing Sinister or SNC does not upset them, as they have been shown to do! If only one were to make it, our bets would be on Sinister causing the uproar in the Losers Bracket Finals! The Winners Bracket Finals is very tough to call, but Celsia has never looked as strong, and consistent, as they do now!

Who will win? Celsia first, FairyTale second, Sinister third, and SnapNCrackle fourth! Very hard to call, and each team is capable of claiming the title!

Week 4 & the Grand Finals

Week 4 of CGO #15 shall finally conclude this epic month long event, and a grand champion will find themselves on Sunday! Be sure to tune in on Saturday October 26th to see the epic start, and terrific conclusion of CGO #15!

Join us at 2:00 PM EDT on our stream to witness this excessively exciting weekend!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Monday October 21, 2013
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