CGO #15 Week 3 Preview

An Exciting Week Ahead

Week 2 of CGO #15 has passed us by, and left us with a startling setup for Week 3! With everyone safe during Week 2, all teams are worried about who will be the first to be removed in Week 3! The first week of eliminations is always a pressure filled environment, and only the best teams will be able to find themselves in the Final 4. Six intense matches await us in Week 3, along with 4 team eliminations, or half the competition! Check below as we investigate each team, the match-ups, and our predictions on who we think will rise in Week 3.

Celsia vs HauseNeSports

Celsia has had one of best runs so far in CGO #15 compared to the other 7 teams! No surprise since Celsia is the highest placing prior CGO team, and holds the number one seed! However, Celsia will need more than pretty statistics to win their first ever CGO title. Proving their worth, Celsia swept UCGaming 2-0 in dominating fashion during their first game of CGO #15 in Week 2! A very clear message to all other teams, and to their upcoming opponent HauseN!

HauseNesports has had a bit of a luck streak coming through the group stages during Week 1, and the first round of the brackets of Week 2! Having 3 DQ wins, and narrowingly winning their only played match of Week 1 verse Agile, HauseN made it to Week 2. Seeded up against Excessive, they were poised for a tough fight, as was the entire AVA community. Sadly, Excessive was unable to make their match time, and had to forfeit the match. Will HauseN be able to take on Celsia after having such a matchless filled event thus far? Only time will tell!

Celsia vs Hausen

1. Ciboulette
2. DirtyBugger
3. Zarskyy
4. TimmyPurno
5. AoKkiji

1. HauseNlsK
2. ExWarAngel
3. lnno
4. LucidTruth
5. MxAxGxIxC

Who will win? We're going to go with Celsia, 2-0'ing HauseN. HauseN may force a third game, but Celsia will promptly stomp out the win, and push HauseN into the Losers Bracket. Celsia has played approximately 8x more games than HauseN this tournament, and should be better prepared. As well, they are a long time team that has stayed active for a long period of time. While HauseN's roster may look familiar, they have yet to fully prove themselves in any competitive event.

Sinister vs FairyTale

Sinister looked very promising coming off of their Week 2 win against SnapNCrackle. Earlier on during Week 1, Sinister had a rough series against SNC, and ultimately lost. Week 2 came around, and Sinister made SNC look highly unprepared. Fixing their flaws, or understanding SNC, Sinister promptly 2-0'd SNC, and pushed SNC into the Losers Bracket. Sinister took revenge on the only team to beat them in the group stages, and looks like a key candidate for a top 2 placing!

FairyTale, the only other team to achieve a natural 4-0 group stage in Week 1 disposed of Lucky in Round 1 of the Week 2 Playoff Bracket! A tough series between the two, and the easy match of the week, provided quality insight into both teams, especially FairyTale. We saw varying strategies from nade play, to aggressive splitpushing on both sides, from team FairyTale. We were all easily shown why FairyTale has been having such success this event. Lucky may have proved troublesome to FairyTale, yet the teamwork and strategy from FairyTale overwhelmed Lucky for a final score of 2-1.

Sinister vs FairyTale

1. Virility
2. iSprookle
3. Cherry
4. LuvRedtube
5. Cherryl3oy

1. Sentarse
2. Lookzie
3. hoopsE
4. IESF_35
5. SurreaI

Who will win? Toughest call in Week 2! Both teams could find themselves in the Grand Finals, against each other! Each team displayed a similar level of teamwork, and strategy during Week 1 and Week 2, however one team showed something more. FairyTale exhibited great individual skill against Lucky through clutches, positional advantages, and bomb play. For Week 3 we are going to have to predict FairyTale coming out on top, 2-1. This match could go either way, and will come down to who has prepared more!

"Sinister is a good team, I hope they enjoy the Losers Bracket in Week 4." - Surreal

UCGaming vs Excessive

UCGaming, a long standing team of AVA, with a long history of participation in both ESL, and CGO, has made it to Week 3 of a CGO! Not surprising considering their veteran level history of players, and their keen eye for success! One of the most practiced teams looks to achieve a higher level of success by proving to the community that they are a top team worth of respect! As we saw in Week 2, UCGaming had a long list of strategies, and setups, but lacked coordination, experience, or teamwork to fully execute them. Hopefully UCG has been spamming that match channel, and we can expect to see a bit more polish to their overall presentation!

Having been unable to make an appearance during Week 2 due to scheduling conflicts, Excessive will find themselves in the Losers Bracket against UCG. Having a stellar group stage during Week 1, Excessive had been a clear favourite to win the entire tournament, or at least a guaranteed top 2 placing. Even without a match played during Week 2 Excessive still looks to be the strongest team in CGO #15, having all of the qualities of a full-fledged team! Providing a proper scheduled time can be arranged, UCGaming better be prepared!

UCGaming vs Excessive

1. UCGlKyu
2. UCGlcKz
3. UCGlTer
4. UCGlXbi
5. UCGlyNn

1. KTxBullGoM
3. lllQuadlll
4. LasTsubasA
5. Enome

Who will win? Barring Excessive not showing up, they should 2-0 UCG. As sad as it is that such a prolific team as UCG could be knocked out, this will week will decide the Final 4. Excessive has the talent, and teamwork to place not only top 4, but top 2. UCGaming will have to make a ton of changes to their playstyles, and gain a lot of experience to take on and win against Excessive in a best of 3 series. However, as we have seen, Excessive may not show, and UCG will have a bit more time to polish their game play!

SnapNCrackle vs Lucky

SnapNCrackle must be seeking revenge after their unexpected and rough loss against Sinister during Week 2. Having a fantastic displaying of individual skill and teamwork in Week 1, Sinister managed to pull a win out from SNC. SnapNCrackle looked strong in their coordination but lacking in their communication, and individual skill throughout their Week 2 Playoff series. SNC went 4-0 in group stages during Week 1, and played the most matches of any team to boot! It is surprising to see SNC one loss away to place Top 8, and not be close to the expected Top 4 finish everyone foresaw earlier on in the event. SNC must come prepared with all of their riflers and scopes on par against Lucky!

Lucky is a team that gave FairyTale trouble, and nearly pulled the win out from them. They are also one of the favourites to place Top 4, and have been very consistent in their matches throughout CGO #15. They possess a solid lineup of players, and have presented their teamwork and coordination flawlessly at times. Getting a little out-gunned by FairyTale, and some slight miscommunication issues was just enough to find themselves in the Losers Bracket. One loss away from their highly expected Top 4 finish!

SnapNCrackle vs Lucky

1. [GS]Bl1ndGun
2. Dyosa
3. shyNee
4. iBabyCakeE
5. iRohit

1. xFlow
2. PxViolenT
3. VoltTackle
4. Bambiebaby
5. iVaneGuard

Who will win? Each team here was expected to come Top 4, or Top 6. One of these teams will only place Top 8, while the other will place at a minimum of Top 6. Lucky has remained consistent in their matches, and gave FairyTale a rough time. SNC got 2-0'd by a team they narrowly beat in Week 1. Lucky takes our vote to Week 4, and a Top 4 finish. SNC will need to put a lot of time into the game to regain their consistency, and to battle it out against Lucky!

Check Out Yasashii's Ace 3k Clutch Verse Sinister in Week 2 W/ Veresk!

Top 4 is on the Line

Week 3 of CGO #15 will see two teams find themselves in 7th/8th, and two other teams place 5th/6th! A very tense weekend is ahead of us to find out who makes it to Week 4, and who our Final 4 teams will be! Incredibly hyped games, FairyTale vs Sinister, and SnapNCrackle vs Lucky will be remembered for months to come, as so much is on the line for these four teams!

Join us this weekend at 2:00 PM EDT on our stream to witness this spectacular clash of teams!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Tuesday October 15, 2013
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