CGO #15 Week 2 Review

Week 2 Review

Week 2 of CGO #15 took off with FairyTale vs Lucky, followed closely by SnapNCrackle vs Sinister, and Celsia vs UCGaming. Each match featured a different showing of skill, and expertise. We saw a variety of strategy and teamwork, as well as teams being entirely prepared for their opponents.

A resounding success would describe Week 2. The teams that played have now created the footholds that will spring them into a Top 4 finish, or their demise in the Losers Bracket. Week 3 teams start getting eliminated, which means by the end of next week we will see who the Top 4 Final CGO #15 teams are!

SnapNCrackle vs Lucky

UCGaming vs Excessive

FairyTale vs Sinister

Celsia vs HauseN!

These are the matches for Week 3. Remember, there will be 6 matches during Week 3, and 4 teams will be eliminated. A very exciting time for the fans, but a very stressful time for the players and teams who seek success in CGO #15!

Celsia vs UCG

UCGaming came with a plan, from their map bans, to their nades, and teamwork. It was clear UCGaming had put prep time into this match, and were eager for a win against Celsia. However, Celsia had their own statement to make, and through two one-sided map wins, they stole the match from UCG!

Celsia will have to take on HauseN for a Top 4 spot, while UCGaming will have to fight through the Losers Bracket starting with Excessive!

HauseNeSports vs Excessive

Excessive did not show up for their match, which means HauseN gets a free pass on to the Winners Bracket, where they will face Celsia. It will be an interesting match as we see Celsia's aggressive pick offense take on HauseN's dynamic defense and offensive play!

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SnapNCrackle vs Sinister

Match of the week was certainly SNC vs Sinister. Both teams had all of the skill, and teamwork locked in. The spectators treat was the raw execution of all of this skill from both teams. SNC had great individual plays and clutches, while Sinister had fantastic offensive takes at sites. Only one team could come out on top, and Sinister, with their decisive game play, took the win, and has forced SNC into the Losers Bracket.

SnapNCrackle will be looking for revenge from the LB, but Sinister will have to face off against FairyTale for that Top 4 spot in CGO #15!

FairyTale vs Lucky

A close second to match of the week was FairyTale vs Lucky. FairyTale pulled a surprise win over Lucky after taking the match to three maps. FairyTale showed up with better skill, and teamwork, and forced Lucky down into the Losers Bracket. FairyTale will be fighting against Sinister for a Top 4 spot, while Lucky will need to fight to stay in against SNC!

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Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Saturday October 12, 2013
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