CGO #15 Week 2 Preview

Week 2 Preview

CGO #15 Week 2 is underway, and before the week is out, we will see 4 intense matches between the Final 8 teams who made it out of Week 1. We will go over each match up, provide some background info on each team, and then make our own predictions on who we think will come out on top. To make your own predictions, head onto our forums, and support your favourite team!

Broadcast Schedule

Saturday October 12th 2013
2:00 PM EDT: HauseNeSports vs Excessive
4:00 PM EDT: SnapNCrackle vs Sinister
6:00 PM EDT: Celsia vs UCGaming

Friday October 11th 2013
9:00 PM EDT: FairyTale vs Lucky
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There are four exciting matches coming up in the next few days. Each match may not knock a team out, but it will the stage for who will go undefeated, and who will have to struggle through the losers bracket. Who do you think will remain in the winners bracket, and do you think we will see a comeback team from deep within the losers bracket? Only time will tell, so get your predictions posted, and gear up for this busy weekend!

Marvel at SNC's 2vs5 Clutch! Dayosa Massive 4k!

SNC's Bl1ndgun wins with an epic Veresk 3k!

Celsia vs UCG

The first seed, and highest placing prior CGO team takes their stance for their upcoming match against UCG. Celsia was a new team, with veteran players, and had only started playing competitively a few months ago. Through their ESL and CGO placings, their name has been made, and the community is well aware of their stellar skill, and team work. It will be an exciting match to see them take on UCGaming.

HauseNeSports vs Excessive

HauseNeSports has not played AVA as a team for a very long time. Yet, they have managed to secure a Top 8 spot. Excessive has always played AVA, but this is their first CGO event together, and as expected, claimed a Final 8 seed as well. These two teams could very well take the entire tournament, with a slight favourite on Excessive. Will HasueN be able to bring their experiences together, or will Excessive's brute skill win the day!

SnapNCrackle vs Sinister

Perhaps the most anticipated match this week, we will see SNC take on Sinister. Both teams are veterans of the game, with prior participation in both ESL's, and CGO's! Coming out of their Week 1 groups these teams looked fantastically strong, and very solid in their capabilities to secure wins. Each team will need to react accordingly in order to come out on top, and avoid the losers bracket!

FairyTale vs Lucky

Wildcard matchup of the week is found between FairyTale and Lucky. Either team has the potential to come out on top, but any number of variables could be their crutch. Both house players of incredible skill, and carry potential, yet will a heavy carry be enough? The team that stays coordinated will certainly win this match!

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Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Thursday October 10, 2013
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