CGO #15 Week 1 Review

Week 1 of CGO #15 leapt to its feet with a single goal in mind; grind the teams down to see who will be able to hold onto a Top 8 seed! From 21 teams down to just 8, Week 1 was very successful in weeding out those that just couldn't find a grip! Yet, those in the Final 8, are now looking at their position to snatch away a Top 4 seed, and some can even see the glimmer of the Grand Finals!

If teams manage to control their nerves, they will need to win not one, but two matches, at the minimum, in order to secure a Top 4 placing. Teams who lose once will be on the edge, but those who fail twice will find the edge spiraling out of view!

Each qualified team is listed in the two images above, and in the middle of this article. As well, specific VoD match highlights can be found at the bottom of this page, for all your viewing pleasure! If you enjoy these short and exciting clips, make sure to show your support and subscribe!

Marvel at SNC's 2vs5 Clutch! Dayosa Massive 4k!

Watch as SNC's Bl1ndgun wins the match with an epic Veresk 3k!

1. Celsia
First seed claimed through being the highest placing team in a prior CGO tourney!

2. SnapNCrackle
Going 4 - 0 in their group demanded their second seed position!

3. FairyTale
Another 4 - 0 dominance securing this band of sorcerers a third seed!

4. HauseNeSports
Squeaking by with a technical 4 - 0 standing, HauseN claims their Final 8 spot!

5. Excessive
Falling short to an upset, Excessive is presented the fifth seed!

6. Lucky
Unable to find the golden liquid, Lucky loses the tiebreaker, and gets sixth!

7. Sinister
Snickering their way to the seventh seed, Sinister looks to amuse!

8. UCGaming
Finding Lucky's golden potion, UCG shifts into the eighth seed after two other teams fall short!

Most notable upsets, and surprises you ask? Well, we could tell you about the time that CCeLitEs beat Excessive, or when a heavy favourite,Brofessional, did not make it to Week 2. Let's slow down and examine each of these crazy scenarios.

CCeLitEs managed to pull a win off of Excessive. A million dollar prediction has just been found in AVA! If we look at the screenshots provided, we can easily acknowledge one huge contributing factor in this upset! IceBabe played consistently well, and carried hard each half. CCeLitEs should definitely be made aware of the star player they hold! Not to mention CCeLitEs 8 - 2'd Excessive on Black Scent!

Brofessional, or DTH, were a hefty favourite to not just place Top 4, but to also win the entire tournament! How could such a promising team fail to meet expectations? By investigating the match comms, we take a sad notice that Brofessional lacked coordination in their match scheduling, which led to a slew of forfeits! This is one grim reminder to always mind your punctuinality, and read the CGO #15 Information Topic!

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Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Sunday October 6, 2013
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