CGO #15 Week 1 Preview

CGO #15 started with a bang of 21 teams! Familiar teams like Sinister, Clueless, UCGaming, TakeFive, Excessive, Tense, and CCeLitES have all registered for their chance at the 70k AP Prize Pool! As always, we have new teams coming in like Lucky, Wag1Fam, SnapNCrackl, and more, looking for their shot into the competitive spotlight! These teams will battle it out for the next three weeks until only two remain in the CGO #15 Grand Finals!

Teams need to place Top 2 in their respective groups by having a higher amount of wins than their opponents! Each match will be a best of 3 series, and will cover up to 4 matches each week! Heading into Week 2, teams will be reduced to the Final 8, where they will play in a Double Elimination Playoff Bracket, before heading into the Grand Finals in Week 3!

This is the first ever of our Group Overviews, so please ensure you provide any feedback, or issues you have!

Group 1

1. [GS]Bl1ndGun
2. Dyosa
3. shyNee
4. iBabyCakeE
5. iRohit
6. Noctis
7. Yasashi
8. Nipeteer

Playing from NA, these players need no introduction, as they are all vets of the game. SnapNCrackle will be relying on play makers Bl1ndgun, and shyNee to claim those precious round wins. We also see familiar players Noctis, iBabyCakeE, and the rando clutch king Yasashi taking stead in the roster lineup.

1. Virility
2. iSprookle
3. Cherry
4. LuvRedtube
5. Cherryl3oy

Sinister has competed in a multitude of CGO's before, and has a wealth of competitive experience. An average placing in the Top 8, would statistically grant this team a walk into the Final 8 teams. Yet, LuvRedtube, iSprookle, and Cherry will all need to be on their game, in order to not fall victim to the considerably strong group they find themselves in!

1. UCGlKyu
2. UCGlcKz
3. iHCO
4. XiaoZi
5. ChibiMK5
6. xPIx
7. magTerri
8. Skizian

UCGaming, like Sinister, has competed in their own array of CGO's, as well as in ESL, and UCG itself! They are a band of strong contenders vying for that Top 8 finish. We all will need to keep a close eye on UCG|Kyu, iHCO, XiaoZi, and ChibiMK5, in order to fully determine how they will stack up against the other favourite teams in this terrifying group of death!

Group 2

1. KTxBullGoM
3. lllQuadlll
4. LasTsubasA
5. Enome
6. NitrolRzI
7. Gomdoree
8. GoRzN

Take a look at that roster, and please remember to breath! Four year plus veterans fill every inch of this roster. Every trick in the book, from those scary Hammer Blow nades, to their incredible Point Man rushes on Defense! BullGoM. ATECT. Nitro. GoRzN. Gomdoree. Enome. All of these names need no introduction. Teams in Group 2 will be battling it out for the second spot, as Excessive looks to dominate the competition!

1. xFlow
2. PxViolenT
3. VoltTackle
4. Bambiebaby
5. iVaneGuard

Sorry, I couldn't hear you over VoltTackle spamming his scope in your face! Lucky is a new team to CGO, but has a range of players from past CGO competitiors, to long-time vets. The battle between Lucky, and Excessive will surely be one of the largest highlights this week!

1. CCFate
2. CCxStorMx
3. Sakyamuni
4. LinJingyu
5. CCxEnVyx
6. CCxJianan
7. nonametouse
8. SniperSean

Many of us have ventured up against this monstrosity of a team in pubs, in scrims, and in the match channel! They've been around...forever, and they don't seem to be slowing down! This is their first time competing in the CGO, but as one of the oldest teams in AVA, a lot of expectations are placed on CCeLitEs to perform, and show us what their true merit is! Good luck to this team, and the community hopes you all do well!

Group 3

1. HauseNlsK
2. ExWarAngel
3. lnno
4. LucidTruth
5. MxAxGxIxC

Skele, iNNo, and ExWarAngel. Notable contenders in this week's MVP Challenge, and we will certainly see amazing highlights from each of these players. A team of experienced veterans will have an edge on the other less experienced teams in this group. The big question for this team is, will they be ready for the competitive level that Group 3 presents, or will they crumble against new blood!

1. DenyFate
2. Subroza
3. Kizakee
4. MagentalHS
5. BI4zed

Forum star Subroza joins his team Tense in Group 3 for their spot in the Final 8. Subroza, deservingly so, will have a huge spotlight as Tense progresses through Week 1, as the pressure builds for him to perform, and live up to his considerable hype. We will also have to keep a clear eye on DenyFate, and see what he has in store for us throughout their four matches this week!

1. Hakki
2. Medison
3. Golden5tar
4. Yellowl0ve
5. beelIzebub
6. iMistahh

Anyone in the competitive realm will recognize most of these player names. Agile is another example of a very experienced team of old time players. With experience on Medison's, Beelze's, and YellowL0ve's side, Agile has a great foothold in securing a Top 2 finish in Group 3, and may be a contender for a Top 4 finish!

Group 4

1. studlock
2. Nhaie
3. Gummys
4. cl3
5. Subversus
6. go0se

This orchestra of players have played together for a rather long time, and are always a favourite contender for a Top 4 finish! cl3 or Speedy is a great clutch and consistent player. While Studlock, and Gummys are always providing a level of carry! Not to mention Nhale, Subversus, and go0se will always be there to support their team! Brofessional looks to secure a Top 4 overall finish, and cement their long-time experience and skill into the eyes of the community!

1. Sentarse
2. Lookzie
3. hoopsE
4. IESF_35
5. SurreaI
6. Stabilized

Another team that looks to contend for a Top 4 overall finish is FairyTale. With members like Lookzi, SurreaI, and Stabilized, they are all skilled enough to carry their team to the Final 8. FairyTale and Brofessional look to be the two favourites, and it will be a considerable match when they play each other this week in a great best of 3 series!

1. iKinetix
2. CuringaO
3. iPingu
4. RastaFire
5. ImDaHacker

Clueless has been a contender in many CGO's, and has always placed well, and have upset some very big teams in the past! There is a lot of history and experience behind this team. They will need to rely on such skills in order to tackle the monsters in their group FairyTale, and Brofessional! Expect to see Clueless rob these teams of some very important wins, and provide very entertaining upsets! Good luck to Clueless yet again!

Teams in each group are already planning their battlegrounds, and dates are being decided as we speak! There are many highlights to be had this week, but if we had to list four:

SnapNCrackle vs UCGaming
Excessive vs Lucky
Agile vs HauseNeSports
FairyTale vs Brofessional

Each of these matches will be streamed! Keep an eye on our Page, and our other outlets for all the dates!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Monday September 30, 2013
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