Black Squad's T-Shirt Giveaway Results

Today the Neowiz team responsible for the Western version of Black Squad took to with a surprise t-shirt giveaway. Viewers, through chat, had to answer one question correctly to win a mailed t-shirt or vest. Twelve winners were chosen with eleven questions posed to chat. Over 140 concurrent viewers tuned in as the questions covered various closed beta test details.

Despite the inconsistent delay between the stream and different locations, as well as an additional varied delay for the chat, the event succeeded in engaging viewers for nearly an hour. The following are the questions, answers, winners, and corresponding prizes.

What maps are in the CBT?

"Dusty Shield, VBSS, Brooklyn, Talyn, Double, Droptown, Ruins" - JustToRRent
What game modes are in the CBT?

"Deathmatch, demolition, assassination, Destroy" - InkCGO
When will be the date of CBT?

"July 13th-15th" - Gaumii
Where will the servers be located?

"Oregon and Virginia for NA, Frankfurt for EU." - Dre4M_LT
What are our names?

"Bryan, Choi 2, Lee, Clare" - vsxm
Who was the pro-gamer who joined us last week?

"Lim Eun-Jin" - suzusf2
What anti-cheat will we use upon Steam release?

"Battleye" - 7Maere
How much is Black Squad on release?

"FREE" - rogergaming
Whose the tallest guy in the room?

"Choi" - ItsAPhaze, Lunehr
Which floor are we on now?

"4" - Is_belowit
How old is Lee?

"37" - WurstOnAir

*At the end of the stream Bryan stated 'no vests'. It is unknown what this means for vest winners.

The precedence of a Korean-based publisher delivering promotional campaigns with physical goods for a Western audience is unheard of in the F2P FPS market. The Black Squad team doubled down with an announced Korean-based Community Manager, which was the primary cause for the stream. Neowiz's next stream for the West is scheduled for next week. Stay tuned to CGO or to Black Squad's official social media for more details.

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Thursday June 22, 2017
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