Black Squad Early Access & Patch Notes

Black Squad's Early Access is on its way and Neowiz has shared the patch notes for the upcoming release. The release date was scheduled for July 27th but due to technical difficulties it has been delayed to an unknown date. We will update this article when a date is confirmed.

Patch Notes - Black Squad Early Access Release Client

  • South American server 
  • G17 Tier 1 Pistol in player inventory
  • Clan Menu, Medal Shop Menu, Random Box Menu (Clan Matches not enabled yet)
  • 2 Demolition maps added (Paper Company, Two Faced)
  • 1 Team Deathmatch maps added (Storage)
  • Hold To Aim fixes for zoom level 2
  • Korean version recoil, swap motion, reload, and crosshair behaviour for all rifles implemented (SMGS excluded)
  • Static damage (no more damage variance)
  •  4 new rifles added (DSR, SR-47, MBR, SIG)
  • Founders Pack available (update with pricing/items soon)
  • CBT banner & Type 95 Chrome as CBT rewards

South American Server

During the stream announcement Bryan confirmed a South American server would be live for Early Access. This fulfills prior commitments Neowiz had made on supporting the South American audience. It is also one of the first F2P FPS publishers to launch a title with server support in Europe, North America, and South America; another action exceeding established standards. 

The SA server in the list

Clan Support

The Korean version of Black Squad has a fully featured clan system along with website integration. For the Western Early Access it appears these systems are being implemented but will be disabled. A range of new UI menus for the clan system and others will appear in the client.

Click for a larger view.

New Maps

A total of 18 maps will be available for Early Access. Team Death Match receives Storage while Demolition is given Paper Company and Two Faced. The total list of maps are:

  • Brooklyn, Double Wing, Dust Shield, Collection, Carrier, Castle, Paper Company, Two Faced
  • Tallinn, VBSS, Outskirt, Blast, Storage
  • Drop Zone, Lockdown
  • Ruined City, and Bearcamp

Damage Variance

As outlined in a previous video, damage variance was one of the many sources of RNG design. For Early Access, Black Squad will have static damage from all guns. There is a lot to digest on what this means. The fatal shot would seem to be still in effect along with different damage amounts per hitbox. It may behave in similar to the M107 scope. Updates will be edited here when they arrive.

This article will be updated with information from the live stream and other sources before Early Access launches. Check back for the latest information on the specific maps, images, and more!

Thanks to Dre4m.

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Wednesday July 26, 2017
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