Black Squad Closed Beta Test #2 Patch

Despite rumours of pre-baked beta clients, Neowiz, publisher of Black Squad,has outlined upcoming patch notes for the second iteration of its closed beta. Feedback from the Western playerbase directly influenced these changes, confirming the divide between the Steam and Korean versions. Feedback was collected and organized by popularity, then discussed by the team before implementation. The second Black Squad closed beta test begins on July 20th to July 22nd from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM EDT.

Aside from the collection of official patch notes, balance design philosphies were also revealed. The reason for so many differences in the Steam client compared to the Korean version stems from the choice of a one armour design. It was explained that to avoid the design hell of armour and weapon cycle tiers one armour is being used instead of three. With such a philosphy change, weapon balancing from damage, damage variance, tagging, aimpunch, movement, static recoil, and other mechanics would all be suitable for adjustment. However, they will only be making changes in small increments.

The first of these small steps are with the Type95 and HNK417 which have received their Korean recoil and behaviour. Below you can find a summary of the patch notes followed by a more detailed but opinionated explanation of the changes.

Patch notes (rephrased):

  • Parties of 5 can be made in Demolition matchmaking
  • 5vs5 Demolition matchmaking option
  • Assassination separated from Demolition matchmaking
  • 2 TDM maps added (Outskirt, Blast - 4 total)
  • 3 Demolition maps added (Carrier, Collection, Castle - 6 total)
  • 1 Assassintion map added (Lockdown - 2 total)
  • 1 Destruction map added (Bearcamp - 2 total)
  • Type95 and HNK417 recoil and behaviour changed to Korean version
  • Hold-to-Aim is a potential toggle option compared to the current click-to-aim confirmed
  • South American server confirmed for first day of Early Access
  • A branded in-game knife was shown with the premise of being attainable from giveaways

Demolition and Matchmaking

The second most popular feedback item was the joint implementation of Assassination and Demolition in quick match. Not surprising as many players opted to drop from games when Assassination was selected and cycle through until a Demolition match was found. In the upcoming beta these two game modes will be separated. Additionally, a 5vs5 match option will be available alongside the 8vs8 option as this was another popular request. To top it off, you can now queue with up to five teammates instead of just four. There was no discussion on how queue times or activity will be handled with a split demolition queue or the issue of matchmaking balance around five-mans being paired with smaller parties or individual players.

Demolition is also gaining three new maps; Collection, Carrier, and Castle will be making their debut to the West.

New Maps for Assassination, Team Death Match, and Destruction

A total of 14 maps will be available on July 20th. Team Death Match gets Outskirt and Blast, Assassination gains Lockdown, and Destruction receives Bearcamp. The total list of maps are:

  • Brooklyn, Double Wing, Dust Shield, Collection, Carrier, Castle
  • Tallinn, VBSS, Outskirt, Blast
  • Drop Zone, Lockdown
  • Ruined City, and Bearcamp

CBT Keys and more

You may find a beta key from the official Discord or from this potential list of key providers. You may also find keys directly from CGO through our social media. The second beta will last for thirty hours and have the same schedule as the first. A countdown can be found at the top of the CGO site and will link to CGO's channel on Twitch for Ink's stream of the Black Squad Closed Beta #2.

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Thanks to nsT for corrections!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Wednesday July 19, 2017
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