A.V.A's New Publisher is En Masse

En Masse Entertainment (EME) has just been announced as the new publisher for the European and North American version of Alliance of Valiant Arms. Aeria Games (AG) will cease operations for the title on August 16th 2016. Players will then be able to transfer their AG accounts to EME through a planned Closed and Open Beta period. All items, in-game currencies, and statistics are to be safely transferred over to the new host by September.

You can find the basic information about the switch on EME's Support - FAQ page. Which details issues relating to the servers:


"En Masse will have game servers in North America and Europe to optimize game performance in those regions. The North American server will be located in Chicago, and the European server will be located in Germany."

Be sure to check out the forum, create an account, and make a nickname as Senior Producer Lawllipop outlines. The Senior Producer is already interacting with the community by having over 30 posts on the fresh board. The current list of EME A.V.A-related staff is: Lawllipops - Senior Producer at EME, CM Spacecats, Denommenator, Geletron, and Malrok.

The A.V.A community went straight to the tough problems facing the game but Lawllipops seems to have held steady and provided answers to various questioning thus far. You can find his introduction letter on the forums here.

Handling Cheaters in A.V.A?

"Know that we plan to take cheating and hacking very seriously. Unfortunately, we are still developing our system on how we plan to deal with them, since we need to take a deeper look into the game and see what options we have available to us."

Supporting Competition in A.V.A

"To Everyone's point, now that we have announced we are looking to discussing with ESL with the current setup they have, but also making sure the direction we take for AVA is the right one."

Previous Product Manager, PM_Spocktapus, had many words to share, but in culmination:

What I’d like to say to all of you though is that it’s been great working with you. You’ve been a mostly excellent community to work with. You provided me with some excellent ideas and amazing feedback that allowed me to make some excellent changes in the game. "

We will continue to update this page until July 29th with new information. Expect a new article next week detailing all of the information and news summarized. Enjoy the new publisher!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Thursday July 28, 2016
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