A.V.A Closed Beta Test (CBT) Announced

The En Masse closed beta test (CBT) for Alliance of Valiant Arms has been announced for August 18th to August 23rd. EME will continue to service the North American and European regions that previous publisher Aeria Games served. Eligibility for the CBT is random but dependent on your notification setting for the AVA newsletter from EME. However, an updated IP blocked region list has been provided which offers no major surprises for regular players.

The closed beta test begins at 1:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM CEST) on the 18th of August. The test will conclude at 1:00 PM EST (7:00 PM CEST). Various technical and server related features will be tested during the beta phase. Adjustments to previous content will be made and trialed in the test. These range from the new SH16 Euro-drain armour that was released earlier this year in Korea to a Hide & Sneek mode with further client optimizations and UI changes. For the full list check the announcement page on En Masse.

Users have until August 14th to change their email preferences of the A.V.A newsletter in their profile page to be invited to the beta. Players will not be using their old Aeria Games account and the subsequent transfer from Aeria Games will be conducted for open beta. Fresh accounts will be initialized for participants with 500,000 Euros, 1000 Red Tickets, and 1000 Blue Tickets. CBT accounts will be wiped. A welcome basket of items will be provided in addition. All closed beta participants will receive an En Masse-branded grenade reward on official launch.

There is currently no confirmation if the closed beta test is under NDA or on a no-record policy. Feedback from those invited to the beta can be submitted on the official forums. Players and those keeping track of the beta test may tune in to the public and official A.V.A Discord server set-up by EME.

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Friday August 12, 2016
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