Aeria Sponsorship 2013

With the successful return of the Competitive Gaming Organization in AVA, Aeria has taken notice, and has agreed upon a sponsorship deal. With the CGO‘s first two events exceeding 20+ teams, and rectifying the base issues the NA scene has been facing, the CGO has made its impact once again within AVA. Aeria Games, who are well known for respecting and supporting their community have taken the opportunity presented from such actions. What better way to support the community, than to sponsor the original and first quality event organizer within AVA.

The CGO is proud to remain a quality event organizer that has attracted the attention of the community-oriented Aeria Games. CGO has always been for providing a base for the competitive community, and we are thoroughly pleased to gain another resource that will aid us in supporting the Alliance of Valiant Arms community! With much easier contact, larger prize pools, and better community awareness, the CGO is primed to deliver the best year of competitive AVA yet.

For the non-player, this means better quality streams, and production. More interviews of your favourite teams, and players. Breakdowns of games, better casting, and much more media for all of our audiences who enjoy the competitive action found in AVA. For players and teams, this means events will aid you in becoming the best team and players that you can be. More events that focus on the competitive element, while remaining fair with proper rulesets, and respectful conduct. Not to mention that prizes will also be worth more than ever before!

Alliance of Valiant Arms has seen success, and has seen failure. 2013 will be a great year of new success that AVA has yet to experience. A higher level of professionalism will sweep across all elements of competitive play within AVA! The CGO has always stood for the community, and Aeria Games has shared this perspective; through these ideals the entire community in AVA is in for a spectacular year!

Discuss on the forums what you‘re looking forward to in this year of AVA!

Written by Justin "Ink" Quinn on Saturday March 16, 2013
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